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So ditch that mental checklist of must-have traits and just see where things go. Related: 12 Dating Tips From People Who Met Their Significant Other On An App Don't be shy about talking to someone who isn't the same age as you.According to Zoosk, people were 9 percent more likely to be into someone ten years older or ten years younger than them.So go ahead and make a reservation for that cool little spot that just opened up down the street. Yeah, yeah, we know how it goes: You don't want to seem too desperate, so you wait two days to respond to the girl you're super into.

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Jules Conjoice, 48, from Letterston in Pembrokeshire, has four children and had a heart attack on New Year’s Eve 2016.

She said: “Although you might think it’s unusual for women in their forties to have a heart attack, I’m proof that it can happen to any of us.

It also looked at women who had a history of pregnancy loss, through miscarriage or other factors, and found these women had a 60 per cent higher risk of heart disease than women who had one or two children.

Previous research has been inconclusive on the relationship between heart health and the number of children a woman has given birth to, with few examining multiple outcomes such as heart disease and heart attacks.

We've all been there—landing an online date can be hard.

You've carefully chosen your photos and spent time making sure your bio strikes the perfect balance of sincere and funny, so why is there radio silence from everyone you've swiped right on?

EHarmony, one of the most famous (and perhaps oldest) of the dating sites, scored just 504, and Plenty Of Fish, whose mobile application allows for use anytime, scored just 361.

Even better known sites like could stand for some improvement — it scored a 741, with Up Guard noting that the site lacks “HSTS, secure cookies, and DNSSEC.” So if you’re looking for love online, have at it — but be careful where you’re fishing.

When Up Guard used its Website Risk Grader on some of “the world’s top dating sites,” they were met with some disappointing and rather alarming results.

Websites can earn a maximum score of 950 based on “publicly accessible security factors, such as whether SSL is enabled, whether cookies are secure, how easily someone could falsify communication as the company and a number of other factors.” The lower the score, the higher the potential for security breaches.

As the stigma around online dating begins to fade, an increasing number of young (and older) Americans are wading out into the sometimes turbulent waters of sites and apps like OKCupid, Match.com, and Tinder.