Alexa vega dating sean covel

While originally not showing off her engagement ring, the 25-year-old actress did share details on her wedding bling, telling her 257,000 followers on Twitter that actor Robbie Amell's father reportedly designed the band. Penos later posted a photo of Vega on Instagram sporting a noticeably large ring on her left ring finger and called the actress his “angel" in the caption. "@The Carlos Pena”The marriage will be the second for Vega, who first walked down the aisle with now 37-year-old film producer Sean Covel in October 2010.

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From 1993 to 1994, she appeared on American sitcom television series Evening Shade that aired on CBS from 1990 to 1994.She got a chance to get into 6 episodes during this period for her role as Emily Newton.By September 2013 she was engaged to Carlos and in January 2014 the two wed.Alexa calls him the best thing that ever happened to her and the two seem over the moon happy.The fact that the divorce was not a prolonged fight that dragged out in court probably helped.

The divorce was finalized within six months of the filing and Alexa and Sean simply went separate ways. She began dating Carlos Pena perhaps as early as 2012 after her separation from Sean Covel.

The 23-year-old actress brought along husband Sean Covel to the annual holiday concert. Growing up on a set is completely different than coming onto a brand new set for the first time. With these movies, we did so many of them with the same crew, because Robert Rodriguez uses the same crew on every film." Alexa added, "It was a family experience. It was the most extreme example of a summer camp that you could possibly have.

Live on Saturday night (December 3) in Los Angeles. You are getting to know the people that you are working with.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Recently chatting with Movie Web, Alexa opened up about growing up on the , we were so lucky. You would hang out with everybody, and you would hang out with everyone's family.

There was never an outward indication of unhappiness in her marriage to Sean, but after less than two years she ended up filing for divorce in July 2012. The separation date had been given as March 5, which means the pair had been separate for four months by the time Alexa filed for divorce. According to Alexa the pair simply evolved out of a marriage and into a friendship.

Thankfully the couple had no children, so nobody else had to be considered in this.