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I feel like there was a transition period from friend to girlfriend that we needed to get through before we knew for sure this was both something we wanted and were both comfortable with.

But, if the opportunity had come along sooner than that, we definitely would have taken it."It was a good amount of time, but I don't think our relationship would have suffered had we had sex sooner.

Should you jump into bed with him or her as soon as you’re alone?

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It gave us the final push to realize how compatible we are to get together."Larissa, 30, Brazil Relationship length: 11 years Waited: two dates"We already knew each other for, like, one year or more, and I knew he was in love with me and wouldnt be an assohole. I don’t know if I was ready, but I was waiting for it anxiously. Maybe I would wait a little longer for us to become more natural with each other."Ariel, 29, New York City Relationship length: five years Waited: five dates"We slept together after seeing each other for three dates in two weeks. I think this was the guy I was supposed to be with, because I was just myself immediately.

The [physical] intimacy part is big, but it isn't the only part.

I don't think it really had that big of an impact on the relationship that we formed or where it is now.

I think in college relationships, having sex sooner than later is more common just because of the hookup culture that exists."Shannon, 21, London Relationship length: nearly four years Waited: had sex the day before we got together"It just felt right; he's such a sweet guy and treated me way better than I had been treated before.

With Americans staying single longer than ever and singles outnumbering their married counterparts, there really is no norm nowadays when it comes to the timing of sleeping with new partners.

According to Pew Research Center, as of 2007, only 38% of adult Americans believed premarital sex was wrong, a number that’s likely only gotten smaller in recent years.We were on a rooftop stargazing while on spring break and the air was really crisp, but he was so warm.I'd known him long before we started dating, so being able to share a silence without feeling uncomfortable stood out a lot.It was my first time, too, but nothing about it seemed scary or daunting. I was ready, but really nervous about my experience level."Caitlyn, 19, Kentucky Relationship length: two months Waited: 1.5 months"I knew I was ready when I started daydreaming and fantasizing about doing it.I mean, it was kind of awkward, but the first time always is, so I don't think I would have changed anything."Hazel, 20, California Relationship length: one month Waited: first date"I guess I didn't actually know until it happened.I would've liked to hold out a bit longer, maybe wait three months, because I feel like that's the norm, but I don't really care what people think.