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Those proposing change have not shown how it can be reconciled with Scripture, Tradition and the Magisterium The Church is in a full-blown civil war over doctrine, as Dan Hitchens observed earlier this week in a carefully argued and fully evidenced article.

Coincidentally, the Church of England’s doctrinal civil war has taken a new turn at the latest sitting of the General Synod, with heated debates over same-sex relationships.

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The General Convention of The Episcopal Church has now approved legislation making same-sex marriage rites available to all Episcopalians without making changes to the 1979 TEC Book of Common Prayer.: Episcopal convention approves a ‘pastoral solution’ on same-sex marriage.They would have a hard task to find any useful evidence for their position.Moreover, they have advanced no argument of merit, as far as I can see, that suggests that change in this matter is desirable or necessary.It would, for a moment, seem terribly up to date, but that would last merely a few years.

It would come to look increasingly desperate as it struggled to keep up with every vagary of public opinion, which is hardly coherent and ever fluctuating.

The Bishop of Dallas, George Sumner, has issued a letter to his clergy. that the Bishop of Oxford, Steven Croft has permitted former archbishop George Carey to resume public ministry.

Her report is headlined George Carey allowed church role despite part in abuse cover-up.

If we look at the sort of Church that Michael Fabricant is envisioning, it is a Church without any foundation at all, except the vagaries of public opinion.

Contrary to what he thinks, such a Church would simply fade away.

This is not “fundamentalism”, a charge often levelled at people like Andrea Minichiello Williams.