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Luyster Island was also named after a Dutch colonial family. The first European settler here was Hendrick Harmensen in 1638. His widow remarried, and the island was briefly called Houwclicken (Dowry Island).

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Purdin, MPH, RN, Sandra Krause, MPH, BSN, and Rachel K.Religious Articles: Submit your articles about religion!About 1688, the church sold its farm to Pieter Cornelissen Luyster, who lent his name to the Dowry Island and Luyster Creek.The Island Disappears This 1891 property map has the unspoiled topography above delineated into a street grid.Systematic Review of HIV Behavioral Prevention Research in Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Lynae A. Kennedy, MPH, Greet Peersman, Ph D, Lev Zohrabyan, MD, MPH, and George W.

Rutherford, MD Forced Migration and Transmission of HIV and Other Sexually Transmitted Infections: Policy and Programmatic Responses Therese Mc Ginn, MPH, Susan J.Anyone who has walked Steinway Street is familiar with its shopping district and Middle Eastern food, but its northern end is empty, with only the humming of the power plant to keep a company for a lone pedestrian.The northern shore is out of view, blocked by the sewage treatment plant. Some define the borough, while others stretch for only a few blocks, stubs of once-grand plans that never came to fruition. When Queens was mapped out into a uniform grid in the early 1920s, this road was supposed to mark the borough’s improved northern shore.Instead of bays and inlets, a straightened shoreline between Astoria and Flushing would be lined by this boulevard.North of Ditmars Boulevard, the landscape was mostly flat marshlands, with a few hilltops poking up.