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Letting Go Cutting Ties with Your Ex Enjoying Your Life Again Dating Again Community Q&A It takes great effort to let go of failed relationships and learn to heal yourself instead of letting those complicated feelings linger.

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Less than two weeks after that, I got word that my preliminary results were ready, and my full results were available after another week.When you log in to see your results, you can also update your profile with more information about your background.The company's Traits report measures your likelihood of hair loss and whether you are likely to prefer sweet or salty foods.In the fall of 2013, the FDA placed a ban on 23and Me's health testing services, which, at the time, scanned your DNA for markers of more than 200 health conditions.Results come in a few categories: Ancestry Composition, Maternal Line, Paternal Line, and Neanderthal Ancestry.

An Ancestry Overview page gives you the big picture.Here you see a graph of your ancestry composition, which in my case is 95.4 percent British and Irish.You can also see your extended DNA family (more on this later) and famous relatives—apparently Jesse James is a distant relative on my mother's side.Genetic testing service 23and Me analyzes your DNA and provides an array of information about both your ancestry and your less ancient relations.23and Me has collected DNA from more than 3 million people—an impressive milestone, though its closest competitor, Ancestry DNA, has sampled five times as many people.These tests can give you more information about possible health concerns, but they don't provide a guaranteed vision of the future.