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The next day, Calhoun was at the Mc Ivers’, joining them for dinner and telling them what she’d seen. Austin Schwall was in the condo, too, but in the kitchen.

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As successful as she’d been in business—at her death she was U. Enterprises president—her first marriage at age 40 had been a mistake.

But Tex was persistent, and she finally agreed to join him for dinner at his apartment.

I mean it was the kind of thing that rose the hair on the back of your neck.” (These remarks are contained in the transcript of Mc Iver’s interview with police on September 28, 2016, reported here for the first time.) We know what he told his friend Bill Crane. We know what Crane said Mc Iver told him, that Mc Iver didn’t know what the intentions were of those people milling about. Just four days earlier, in Charlotte, protests over the police shooting of an unarmed black man led to one person shot dead.

And the day before, while Tex was in Putnam County buying feed for his cattle and grocery shopping for dinner, there were more Black Lives Matter protests at Lenox Square, a block and a half from their Atlanta condo.

Turned out that Diane Mc Iver was even shot not far from the Driving Club’s front entrance. What kind of symbol says more about who we are than who he is.

To those close to him, convinced that he loved Diane without question and could no more shoot her intentionally than sprout wings and fly out of his jail cell, Tex is a victim of reverse prejudice, a convenient scapegoat for a society riven by class and racial resentments.The whole tragic, hubristic affair sounds like something that Tom Wolfe would dream up.In fact, he kind of already did, except it took two novels—The Bonfire of the Vanities and A Man in Full—to anticipate the Mc Iver drama, from the fateful turn off the highway (Bonfire) to the prideful lawyer stuck in traffic outside the Piedmont Driving Club (Man in Full).Every marriage is a merging of assets and liabilities, both literal and figurative.To their union, Diane brought a frankness that could be disarming.What was Tex Mc Iver thinking when he asked for the gun that would kill his wife?