Browser not updating favicon

From the beginning we had default Blogger "B" icon as the favicon for our blogger hosted blogs but as more people wished to have their own different favicon on their blog, Blogger launched a new feature using which you could upload your own Favicon file from the Layout tab in your Blogger Dashboard.

This was a great upgrade for Blogger users, as we could now upload our own Favicon file on the the same domain.

browser not updating favicon-90browser not updating favicon-5

Can anyone confirm if this is a valid method, or provide a suitable alternative?

Update: On further investigation, that Browsers tend to cache favicons pretty damn aggressively.

Various issues could prevent your new favicon from displaying correctly after you have updated to replace an existing one.

Commonly, display issues are due to the browser accessing a cached version of your page.

The following suggestions generally remedy browser-related issues.

Browsers tend to cache Web pages and images and keep them.If you are not, try to close the tab, restart your browser and reload the page in a new tab.Another method is to load the favicon directly from the website (normally visiting refresh it by hitting F5 or CTRL F5 and restarting your browser. Unfortunately, the first answer is two i OS versions behind: it talks about the 144×144 touch icon for Retina i Pad running i OS 6. Okay but what we really need here is a favicon generator right? It lists a lot of information in one single place, which is very valuable by itself. It appears that this is Real Favicon Generator, the very site you’re visiting and reading right now. So Google surely brings the correct answers but we still have to figure them out. If you want to master the art of favicon, the Favicon Cheat Sheet is a great place to start.For the more experienced, by clicking the right mouse button on the page and selecting “View source” option you can search for the exact reference to the favicon.