Chance furlong felina feral dating fanfiction liquidating estate assets

And how long can these greedy, selfish evildoers cooperate before they start stabbing each other in the back?

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Unlike her uncle, Felina is trusting and respectful of the SWAT Kats, and is willing to work with them should the situation call for it.

Voiced by Lori Alan, she was introduced in the episode "Mutation City".

Felina is easily among the most capable of the Enforcers, and one of the few who seems to be able to keep up the pace with the SWAT Kats.

As a lieutenant, Felina is a respected and capable commander in her own right, able to charge headfirst into whatever situation that may arise with guns blazing.

Unlike her uncle, she trusts and respects the SWAT Kats.

concludes its first season with the supervillain teamup many fans had been waiting for, as Dark Kat, Dr.Furlong, and his weapons system operator Jake Clawson, were among the first in the air to respond to an attack by the criminal known as Dark Kat.Furlong’s superior piloting abilities allowed him to keep pace with the elusive Fear Ship as it dangerously maneuvered in the skyline of Megakat City while all other pilots broke away.Expert pilot and marksman to the fullest Felina more often than not gets the job done, even though it may not be by a method approved of by Ulysses Feral.Her only drawbacks are in fact those characteristics that make her unique.Her headstrong attitude has more than once gotten her into trouble, and her overconfidence in certain situations has nearly led to her downfall.