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Another great place to look is to check out your local State Housing Finance Agency.

This agency is in charge of keeping track of homes and apartments which low income families may be able to acquire or rent.

In order to speed up the process of finding housing assistance for single mothers, be sure that you get your required paperwork together before you make any calls.This includes your driver license, SSN, birth certificate, as well as your child ID (SSN, birth certificate, etc).Overall, I still find it cheaper than Laos, Malaysia and Cambodia.I did some pre-research on two cost of living sites, but I found them to be pretty off the mark, particularly when it came to housing.m (4 stops to central – ฿17-20,000– Modern 1 bed, 50 Sq.

m (central Bangkok) – ฿30-35,000– Modern 1 bed, 40 Sq.You’ll need to provide proof of income and also state whether you currently receive any type of payments, which include child support payments. The Department of Housing and Urban Development is there to help counsel you on all things regarding the buying or renting of a home.Once you speak with the HUD, they will be able to tell you whether you will be able to receive free grants for housing assistance that will allow you to rent a home or apartment.If you plan on living up country somewhere, you may be able to shave as much as 30% off these amounts.If you plan on living in Koh Samui or Phuket, then you can expect to spend about 10-15% less, depending on your drinking habits.They may also be able to assist with housing costs as well, depending on the state.