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In an effort to make Jack jealous, and to see a little more of the world than her isolated life on her great-uncle’s estate has afforded her, Kitty devises a plan.

This was the beginning of a literary career that spanned more than five decades.

A year before The Black Moth was published, Heyer had met her future husband, Ronald Rougier.

Characters charming and comic, romance fervent and frowned upon – the perfect antidote to gloom-and-doom on any day of the year.

Kati Nicholl, , considered one of the greatest Regency romances of all time.

is her funniest book, a tongue-in-cheek parody of what starts as a predictable “plucky innocent reforms a rake” tale.

The orphaned Kitty Charing is enamoured of her cousin Jack Westrother, a “devilish handsome out-and-outer of a Corinthian”, but piqued by his failure to turn up when her guardian tells his great-nephews that his fortune goes with her hand.

Christina Hardyment, The British Regency period (1811–20), though brief, has become an object of fascination today.

It is a world of complex social hierarchies, of Jane Austen, of glittering fashions, dances, scheming duchesses and naïve young heroines in Empire-line dresses. From 1921 until her death in 1974 Heyer published a stream of immensely successful novels – including romances, thrillers, mysteries and historical fiction – but it was for her Regency romances that she became best-known.

Up until this new recording, Heyer audios could only be obtained through sources in England, at astronomical prices.

This abridged audio is read by Clare Willie and contains four CDs.

Born in London in 1902, the eldest of three children, Heyer spent her early life living in Paris with her parents, George and Sylvia, and her brothers, Boris and Frank.