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But what if you delete a contact from your address book?There's no Trash can to catch deleted contacts.

It is always recommended to install the latest available updates to keep your network safe and efficient.

Most routers have a built-in update checker, which may or may not perform the entire process automatically.

Once the contact is deleted, it's gone and you are out of luck. This is where big brother has your back, because by default Comcast automatically backs up your address book for you (even if you don't manually back up online yourself).

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When it comes to cell phones, it's easy to get distracted when a new text message arrives, someone tweets you, or the unthinkable happens…the phone rings.You can always wait for the next application update notification to appear, but who knows when that will occur. Such is the case when you accidentally delete an email message from your mailbox.If the Trash can was not emptied, after the message was deleted, you're in luck to easily recover the email.Yet, it seems to connect everywhere else but in their house.Before I get the chance to look at it, I hear a long laundry list of things that were attempted to get the wireless connection working.If you're using an Apple Air Port router, you can use the Air Port Utility program to check for updates.