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The Phoenix Lord of the Dark Reapers, Maugan Ra, teaches that the kiss of death can be delivered from afar.

It is this credo that is central to the way of the Reaper.

The Dark Reapers represent the War God Khaine in his role as the Destroyer.

They are perhaps the most sinister and lethal of all the Aspect Warriors and their dark armour is adorned with symbols of death and destruction.

You can even re-watch some of these dating programs on Netflix!

One of the earliest dating reality shows was , a show that featured one bachelorette grilling a trio of prospective suitors. The people looking for dates could hear the contestants' answers to their questions, but they couldn't *see* them.

The handful of photos shared by the streaming giant hint at a trippy vibe, which makes sense since it's the story of two strangers, presumably Stone and Hill, who take part in a mind-melting pharmaceutical trial that doesn't exactly go as planned (apparently much of the series will take place within the fantasy worlds of the characters).

Maniac was written by The Leftovers' Patrick Somerville and based on a 2014 Norwegian series of the same name, which follows the fantasies a man in a psychiatric ward creates to escape his reality.

When Asurmen taught his brethren the arts of war it was Maugan Ra that fell furthest from the fold.

He fashioned baroque weapons of occult nature; not the blades of his brethren but dark and malefic artefacts that could slay his foes from afar.

An official release date has yet to be announced by Netflix, but we'd bet it'll be hitting the streaming service in the next few months.