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Les étiquettes UPS prépayées pour le retour / remplacement de toutes les commandes sont incluses dans chaque expédition.

The Crimson Fists is a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter and a Second Founding Successor Chapter of the Imperial Fists Legion.

The Crimson Fists Chapter's members were selected by Dorn from those Astartes who had been most recently initiated into the VII Legion, with the exception of its leaders, who were all Veterans.

Now the Battle-Brothers of the Crimson Fists fight for more than the Emperor of Mankind, more than honour and renown.They fight so that their Chapter may survive, and one day regain its former glories.Though they originated as a fleet-based Chapter, the Crimson Fists have become well-established as defenders of the Loki Sector in Segmentum Tempestus.There are countless Ork empires active in the region, which represent an ever-present threat to the Imperium's interests.Nonetheless, the Chapter's brush with annihilation has tempered this ardour with grim reality.

The Crimson Fists' future now lies with a handful of Space Marines, their lives to be expended for greater rewards than the salving of personal pride.

In recent years, the Chapter has suffered severe losses following the Rynn's World Campaign at the hands of the Greenskins of WAAAGH!

Snagrod and the subsequent massive daemonic incursions during the Warp Storms that followed the formation of the Great Rift in 999. The Crimson Fists found themselves clinging precariously close to existence.

Even amongst the elite ranks of the Space Marines, the remaining Crimson Fists are held as warriors without peer, forged in the fire of the most terrible and hopeless battles.

As one would expect of successors to the Imperial Fists, the Crimson Fists are steadfast and stubborn warriors, reluctant to yield so long as victory is possible.

Over time, the Crimson Fists have become particularly adept at combating these savage xenos, though they have also engaged in countless battles against a broad spectrum of opponents across the span of the galaxy.