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That is, if it’s appropriate to give him anything at all?

Well, you can officially set your worries aside because we’ve compiled a list of low-commitment Christmas gifts for the guy who might be your boyfriend one day soon but isn’t quite there yet.

Stress can block out some of the simple yet perfect ideas for Christmas and holiday gifts for someone you just started to date. Don’t wait till the last minute to find yourself scrambling for gift ideas.

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As you get to know your date think of Christmas or holiday gift ideas for them based on what they share.

This gets your creative juices flowing and forces you to keep your eyes and ears open on dates.

When you give it to him, just be like, “I don’t buy music, so I figured maybe you can use it.” Low stakes, totally nonchalant, totally chill. Movie passes The great thing about movie passes is that he’ll probably use them next time you guys go out, so you’re basically just paying for your next date.

It isn’t like some mushy-gushy gift, it’s just practical, really.

You are going to have to use your best judgment on this one.

Depending on how new your dating situation is you’re going to want to be cautious to not overwhelm them by your gift.This will help you be prepared for the time you strike gold and meet that special someone on one of your dates because you already have ideas of the perfect Christmas or holiday gift for them.What tips do you have for choosing the perfect Christmas or holiday gift for someone you are newly dating?It shouldn’t even be considered a gift—it’s a piece of cardstock with a cliche holiday greeting on it.It’s Christmas, so you’re getting him a Christmas card, no big deal. An i Tunes gift card We all have i Tunes gift cards from relatives too old to realize that Spotify is a thing now, so why not give him the i Tunes card that’s been sitting in the back of your junk drawer so he can buy the new Sam Smith album?You don’t want to scare someone off and you do not want to make them feel bad if they didn’t do as much for you as you did for them.