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If the CRN is correct, clickto enroll in the class.

To search for more classes, click on "Class Search." Step 8: Registration shortcut: Classes may be added by CRN directly from the Register/Add/Drop page.

The goal of academic advising is to assist students in developing educational plans consistent with career and life goals and to provide students with the information and skills needed to pursue those goals.

For a list of advising contacts and for more information, visit the Advising page.

In-progress credit is credit for which a student is enrolled during the current semester.

For example, UAA in-progress fall credits would count toward UAA priority registration for the following spring semester.

After the semester add/drop deadline, dropping or withdrawing from classes with irregular dates cannot be done via UAOnline.

Students may submit an Add/Drop Form above for specific semester add/drop deadlines.Step 5: On the search results page there will be a list of classes.Each class will have course reference number (CRN), campus, credit hours, meeting days and times, and other information.UAS or UAF credits count toward UAA priority registration only upon transfer to UAA.To check class standing, log in to UAOnline, go to the Students Services and Account Information tab and click on the "Check Your Registration Eligibility" link in the Registration menu. on the priority registration day for each student type.See detailed information about tuition and fees for each semester. Student can take advantage of Schedule Planner - an online tool similar to a shopping cart where students may add classes to their cart, block out non-class times and select available schedules.