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In fact, when those results were revealed in the 2010 ORF documentary, they were billed as running counter to previous opinion on the matter.That is, I think the C14 results actually imply a forger’s random selection of a then untestable (for age) stock of calfskin.

There were other works which were also later claimed purchased from the Villa, and several of these have various perturbing scholarly and art history anomalies.

I feel these problems imply that some may be forgeries, or at least, have forged elements.

Although I’ve mentioned various aspects of my Modern Forgery Hypothesis for the Voynich Manuscript over the last few years, both here and on the Voynich Mailing List, I have never posted a summary of it. All of that detail will all be addressed in a future and larger work.

It is will not have a detailed explanation of, and supporting arguments for, much of the evidence within it.

I feel it is more than coincidental that these successes came soon after his purchase of the vast repositories of the Libreria Francescini, which had mountains of untapped materials…

one estimate puts the number at over half a million.The personal implications of “marital hegemony”, is a known cultural phenomenon, and a powerful incentive to push for success.Also during this time, Voynich sold at least one (known) forgery, the Columbus Miniature.By now his wife Ethel was experiencing an increase in fame and popularity, as a well known author of several books, and as a translator, humorist, and composer.I consider the effect this may have had on Wilfrid as an important motivating force to the choices he subsequently made.I also think it may be the only work he personally had a hand in creating.