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Most commonly requested public records typically turn up in the state capital Official records pertaining to births, deaths, marriages and divorces that occurred anywhere in Tennessee on or after January 1, 1949 are maintained by the State Health Dept. It is vital to note that applicable statutory provisions designate two very different categories of Volunteer State public records that are denoted as “certified” and “non-certified.” As the two terms respectively imply, certified public record access is restricted to registrant(s) and their immediate family or legal representatives, while non-certified copies are freely accessible by any desiring party or parties.

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All kiosk orders auto-validate the applicant’s identity.

However, if you fail the automated ID verification, you must present valid ID at the front counter after your request has been transmitted for processing.

TSTD maintains an unclaimed property database searchable by the owner’s surname or business name.

How to search for Volunteer State Driving Records in high gear The State Dept.

of Safety & Homeland Security has sole delegated responsibility to maintain Tennessee motorists’ driving histories.

Such historical documents are officially dubbed ‘Motor Vehicle Records’ (MVRs) and date back up to 3 years’ prior.

Otherwise, you are legally authorized to access a non-certified copy only.

In any event, you must prepay a nominal fee to process your request, which will probably be done while you wait.

For example, vital information and statistics are managed by one agency while property assessments are maintained by another.

Some documents can be ordered online while others will require a visit to an official state office in person.

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