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Madeleine, died 2/13/91: 2/25/91p6 Bickford, Bernice, is C/C's Citizen of the Year: 3/31/87p3 Bickford, David A., died 6/28/84: 7/10/84p11 Bickford, Fannie K., died 6/6/29/80: 7/1/80p2 Bickford, Helen, is New Durham's oldest resident: 12/18/89p5 Bickford, Kenneth E., died 10/14/92: 10/22/92p6 Bickford, Louis W., died 3/4/92: 3/14/94p6 Bickford, M&M Louis, celebrate 50th anniversary: 1/31/84p11 Bickford, Maurice R., died 12/12/80: 12/16/80p2 Bickford, Richard W., died 12/10/83: 12/20/83p8 Bickford, Roswell A., died 11/22/87: 12/1/87p6 Bickford, Whielhemina R., died 12/4/90: 12/10/90p6 Bigelow, Ruth K., died ? /85: 11/19/85p12 Billings, Kenneth, and Bonnie Lovely are wed 6/19/82: 10/19/82p5 Billings, Stacy F., died 1/13/87: 1/20/87p6 Bilodeau, Arthur, and Barbara Felong are wed: 11/1/83p3 Bilodeau, Jeannette L., died 10/16/91: 10/26/91p6 Bilodeau, Lauria J., died 8/20/84: 9/4/84p12 Bilodeau, Mabel O., died 12/1/89: 12/11/89p6 Bilodeau, Marc, is student-of-term prize winner: 1/7/93p3 Bilodeau, Rosaire, died 10/25/84: 11/6/84p12 Binette, Joseph A., died 122/30/85: 1/7/86p2 Birch, Martha C., died 8/4/83: 8/16/83p2 Biron, Christopher, is in D-Day recreation in France: 7/4/88p5 Biron, Frank R., died 2/13/88: 2/23/88p6 Biron, Marguerite, celebrates 80th birthday: 10/7/86p5 Biron, Rose L., died 9/1/89: 9/11/89p6 Bischoff, Eric M., died 12/28/87: 1/5/88p6 Bishop, Dave, is country musician: 10/2/89p1,11/13/89p8 Bisson, Deisha T., died 2/13/83: 2/22/83p9 Bisson, Olivine, died 9/8/80: 9/16/80p2 Bisson, Pauline M., died 12/9/92: 12/17/92p6 Bisson, Shane P., died 11/26/87: 12/8/87p6 Blackadar, Ina, died 8/2/81: 8/11/81p2 Blackadar, James, and Cynthia Fox are wed 9/5/81: 9/15/81p15 Blaha, Cathie E., died 10/6/89: 10/16/89p6 Blair, Helen L., died 10/20/90: 10/29/90p6 Blair, Leonard G., died 10/22/89: 10/30/89p6 Blair, Rena D., died 1/5/80: 1/8/80p2 Blais, Emma D., died 2/13/90: 2/26/90p6 Blaisdell, Betty J., died 10/1/91: 10/5/91p6 Blaisdell, Edith M., died 5/24/92: 5/30/92p6 Blaisdell, Evelyn E., died 11/14/84: 11/27/84p11 Blaisdell, Lillian H, died 7/8/90: 7/16/90p6 Blaisdell, Norman H., died 5/4/84: 5/15/84p16 Blaisdell, Ruth E., died 1/11/89: 1/23/89p6 Blanche, Neila, died 10/17/80: 10/21/80p2 Blanchette, Albert L., died 4/27/91: 5/6/91p6 Blanchette, Gary, and Claire Caplette wed 10/21/83: 11/22/83p8 Blanchette, Louis W., died 9/3/84: 9/11/84p15 Blanchette, M&M Louis, celebrate 50th anniversary: 6/1/82p10 Blanchette, M&M Robert, are wed 25 years: 7/22/80p13 Blanchette, Maryann R., died 1/22/91: 1/28/91p6 Blanchette, Ruth M., died 11/16/86: 11/25/86p6 Bliss, Mary E., died 8/2/84: 8/7/84p8 Bliss, Zenas L., died 10/10/90: 10/22/90p6 Blomberg, Annie M., died 10/1/86: 10/14/86p6 Blood, Amelia M., died 1/12/83: 1/18/83p8 Blood, Dora M., died 11/27/85: 12/10/85p8 Blood, Lillian A., died 8/18/80: 8/26/80p2 Blood, Willis, died 1/5/82: 1/12/82p2 Blouin, Paul E., died 7/21/84: 7/31/84p7 Boardman, Diana, and Scott Erbach are wed 5/23/80: 6/10/80p13 Bober, Barbara, honored by Roch.

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Steven, saves baby's life: 9/17/90p1 Burnham, Doris, died 11/2/84: 11/13/84p9 Burnham, Robert R., died 2/12/86: 2/18/86p5 Burns, John, is a foster grandparent: 2/17/81p12 Burns, William R., died 8/13/89: 8/21/89p6 Burrows, Emily W., died 3/9/91: 3/18/91p6 Burrows, M.

Lucille, died 3//8/89: 3/20/89p6 Burrows, Marie L., died 5/21/88: 5/30/88p6 Burrows, Marion G., died 10/11/80: 10/14/80p2 Bush, Charles N., died 4/19/86: 4/29/86p6 Buslovich, Joseph, and Laurette Tremblay are wed: 11/10/87p9 Bussey, Phyllis, died 3/21/91: 4/1/91p6 Bussier, Dennis R., died 2/20/92: 2/29/92p6 Butler, Albert E., died 1/6/93: 1/14/93p6 Butler, Corinne, and Steven Phalen are wed: 3/9/82p20 Butler, Jim, runs chimney cleaning company: 11/9/82p1 Buzzell, Arthur J., died 4/29/91: 5/6/91p6 Buzzell Sr., Bernard R., died 7/17/83: 7/26/83p5 Byers, Pam, is Teacher of the Year: 5/21/90p1 Byrd, Donald L., died 4/30/86: 5/13/86p6 Cadorette, Jean, and Daniel Barbin are wed 10/24/87: 2/16/88p17 Cahalane Sr., George R., died 3/22/84: 4/3/84p11 Cahoon, A.

died 6/19/88: 8/27/88p6 Caron, Lillian R., died 1/3/91: 1/14/91p6 Caron, Robert G., died 6/6/84: 6/19/84p13 Caron Sr., Leo E., died 8/12/90: 8/20/90p6 Carpenter, Doris T., died 11/18/87: 12/8/87p6 Carpenter, Eric, died 2/7/81: 2/17/81p2 Carpenter, Gerald F., died 6/10/88: 6/20/88p6 Carpenter, Hollis, died 12/25/85: 1/7/86p2 Carpenter, Isabelle M., died 12/19/91: 12/28/91p6 Carpenter, Jason, died 2/7/81: 2/17/81p2 Carpenter, Maude L., died 7/17/80: 7/22/80p2 Carpenter, Shane, died 2/7/81: 2/17/81p2 Carpinelli, Sylvia died 4/11/86: 4/22/86p8 Carr, Linda, and Charles Gerrish Jr.

are wed 3/17/84: 7/3/84p5 Carr, Scott, joins NH State Police: 5/14/90p3 Carr, Stephen, and Kimberly Starrett wed 6/15/80: 9/19/80p23 Carrier, Cheryl J., died 12/21/85: 12/31/85p8 Carrigan, John E., died 12/2/91: 12/7/91p6 Carrington, Martha E., died 7/21/90: 7/30/90p6 Carroll, Marjorie L., died 5/10/90: 5/21/90p6 Carroll, Therea L., died 8//24/92: 9/29/92p6 Carroll, Theresa, is a Foster Grandparent: 1/27/87p3 Carter, Albert D., died 4/11/88: 4/18/88p6 Carter, Donella, died 3/4/91: 3/11/91p6 Carter, Mike, and Cary Goldacker speak of love: 2/11/86p10 Carter Sr., Clarence A., died 10/25/92: 10/29/92p6 Cartier, Monique, donates blood for first time: 10/15/85p1 Case, Minnie J., died 4/28/80: 5/6/80p2 Casey, Catherine H., died 12/2/81: 12/8/81p2 Casey, Mary, and Mark Mattina are wed 2/13/82: 4/6/82p15 Casey, Mary V., died 5/17/81: 5/26/81p2 Casey Sr., Gordon, died 7/23/83: 8/2/83p3 Cassidy, Arthur R., died 10/7/88: 10/17/88p6 Cassily, Hilda, died 7/24/87: 8/4/87p6 Cassily, Philip J., died 7/27/90: 8/6/90p6 Castle, Margeurite V., died 4/6/88: 4/18/88p6 Castle Sr., Robert S., died 1/1/89: 1/9/89p6 Castonguay, Henry, died 9/22/89: 10/2/89p6 Castonguay, Norman and Louise, wed 50 years: 8/15/92p10 Castonguay, Richard, and C.

Abberton, William A., died 4/9/87: 4/21/87p6 Abbott, Alice P., died 68/80: 6/10/80p2 Abbott, Franklin G., died 11/6/89: 11/13/89p6 Abbott, Gertrude A., died 11/29/80: 12/2/80p2 Abbott, Helen, feted for 50 years' service to education: 7/3/89p5 Abbott, Herman F., died 12/1/89: 12/11/89p6 Abbott, Kyle R., died 11/26/87: 12/8/87p6 Abbott, Mabel, died 12/15/81: 12/22/81p2 Abel, Jeffery, and Deborah Mann are wed 5/12/84: 7/3/84p5 Ackerman Sr., M&M Richard, celebrate 25th anniversary: 9/19/80p23 Adams, Duncan M., died 3/23/81: 3/31/81p2 Adams, Gretchen, died 6/11/80: 6/17/80p2 Adams, Jennifer, and Patrick Collins wed 6/28/86: 9/16/86p13 Adams, June C., died 11/16/85: 11/26/85p9 Adams, Nora T., died 11/22/86: 12/2/86p6 Adams, Verna M, died 11/22/84: 12/4/84p15 Adjutant, M&M Richard, are married 50 years: 10/21/86p7 Adjutant, Michelle & Christopher Harding wed 10/26/90: 12/24/90p7 Agri, Joseph M., died 4/9/90: 4/16/90p6 Agri, Michael and Lucy wed 55 years: 8/1/92p8 Agrigo, Rosario, died 12/8/83: 12/20/83p8 Ahlin, William A., died 6/6/92: 6/13/92p6 Aiken, Mary S., died 3/5/86: 3/18/86p12 Aiken, Richard, and Kathleen Tanguay are wed 12/19/81: 1/12/82p12 Aiken Sr., William R., died 6/4/91: 6/17/91p6 Aimes, Angela, and Wayne Torr are wed 9/11/83: 11/15/83p10 Akerman, Wallace, and Theresa Drago are wed: 11/1/83p3 Albee, Philip R., died 7/7/81: 7/14/81p2 Albers, Felicia, has baby's life saved by patrolman: 9/17/90p1 Albert, M&M Lionel, celebrate 40th anniversary: 1/13/81p20 Albert, Norman D., died 6/9/92: 6/13/92p6 Alcorn, Murrie, died 11/11/87: 11/24/87p6 Alden, Arthur G., died 3/7/80: 3/11/80p2 Aldrich, Ethel M., died 10/18/87: 10/27/87p6 Allain, Alderic J., died 9/9/82: 9/21/82p2 Allaire, Kenneth J., died 8/14/86: 8/26/86p8 Allaire, Raymond H., died 9/27/86: 10/7/86p6 Allard, Leopold, sells his own farm produce: 8/12/80p12 Allard, Normand D., died 9/15/86: 9/23/86p8 Allard, Wallie G., died 9/15/80: 9/23/80p2 Allegritti, Paul, and Paula Colbath wed 5/26/91: 4/11/92p9 Allen, Bernard T., died 8/16/88: 8/29/88p6 Allen, Ethel C., died 1/19/82: 1/26/82p13 Allen, Marion O., died 11/21/86: 12/2/86p6 Allen, Barbara M., died 9/30/91: 10/5/91p6 Allen, Ptl.

Mike, is City's Employee of Month: 10/12/91p2 Allen, Richard W., died 12/3/90: 12/17/90p6 Allen, Roger N., died 10/19/88: 10/31/88p6 Allen, Roger N., was generous to City's youth: 7/10/89p1 Almond, Beatrice H., died 2/20/92: 2/29/92p6 Almond, William, died 9/13/83: 9/20/83p8 Amadon, James L., died 11/11/84: 11/20/84p13 Amero, John V., died 4/3/89: 3/13/89p6 Ames, David, died 5/3/86: 5/13/86p6 Ames, Louise A., died 4/27/80: 4/29/80p2 Amidon, Frank, died 9/30/91: 10/12/91p6 Amsden, Howard P., died 12/6/80: 12/16/80p2 Anctil, Cheryl, and Kurt Douglas are wed 12/5/81: 12/22/81p19 Anctil, Edith G., died 4/6/88: 4/18/88p6 Anctil, Lillian M., died 12/26/91: 1/4/92p6 Anctil,, Neree V., died 7/24/92: 8/1/92p6 Andersen, James, and Cindy Dodge are wed 7/2/83: 9/6/83p7 Anderson, Arlene B., died 7/25/82: 8/3/82p2 Anderson, Elizabeth B., died 2/29/84: 3/6/84p6 Anderson, Florence J., died 9/10/85: 9/17/85p6 Anderson, George V., died 2/22/84: 2/28/84p9 Anderson, Harriet B., died 7/19/89: 7/31/89p6 Anderson, Leslie W., died 2/2/89: 2/13/89p6 Anderson, Norris E., died 8/6/92: 8/15/92p6 Anderson, William, died 3/17/89: 3/27/89p6 Andexler, Donald C., died 9/15/90: 9/24/90p6 Andrews, Earl E., died 9/7/80: 9/16/80p2 Andrews, Edna J., died 4/815/89: 4/24/89p6 Andrews, Eva T., died 7/14/82: 7/20/82p2 Anestis, John N., died 2/18/92: 2/22/92p6,2/29/92p6 Angell, Richard F., died 3/29/86: 4/8/86p8 Anzalone, Michael J., died 4/25/91: 5/6/91p6 Apac, Patricia D., died 9/7/89: 9/18/89p6 Appleby Sr., James E., died 10/16/92: 10/22/92p6 Appleton, Roland, died 12/10/90: 12/17/90p6 Arabia, Jessica, becomes a mother in the ambulance: 5/20/91p3 Archambault, Alberta L., died 11/5/90: 11/12/90p6 Archambault, David, and Donna Le Brun are wed: 11/8/83p10 Archibald, Dorothy F., died 10/10/82: 10/19/82p2 Archibald, Earle G., died 2/22/83: 3/1/83p6 Archibald, Evelyn M., died 10/11/80: 10/14/80p2 Archibald, Joseph S., died 3/1/86: 3/11/86p10 Arnault, G.

Hobart College-Dan Suozzi 7-47; Colby Feane 3-39; Rick Pinero 3-16; Ty Godinho 2-29; Jack Holleran 1-12.

PASSING: Norwich-Ben Clark 16-32-1-246; Matt Tucker 0-1-0-0. RECEIVING: Norwich-Tom Kennedy 5-40; Josh Clark 4-117; Josh Creighton 2-33; C. Daley 2-17; Nate Long 2-14; Ced Carvalho 1-23; Eric Murphy 0-2. Hobart College-Jamie Anderson 6-0; David Szentesy 3-6; Jimmy Gradis 4-3; L. Washington 3-3; Tony Clemente 2-4; Walt Bennett 1-4; Ryan Smith 2-1; Andy Purdie 1-1; Nolan Robinson 1-1; Pat Lester 0-3; Evan Hoffman 1-0; Ally Mosiello 0-2; Andrew Sweet 0-1; Brain Sorhaindo 0-1. Amand, 2-Michael Lober, 4-Taylor Brown, 5-Andreas Craig, 6-Matt Tucker, 10-C. Daley, 11-Ben Clark, 19-Rhett Soltas, 20-Roy Rose, 21-Jamar Rawles, 22-Ced Carvalho, 24-Calvin Pulphus, 25-Drew De Renzis, 26-Chick Weir, 29-Tim Goodridge, 30-Brandon Selby, 32-Taylor Britto, 33-Nate Long, 41-Akeem Cedeno, 42-Greg Felix, 44-Eric Murphy, 45-Sam Furlong, 49-Greg Abell, 54-Micah Lieberman, 55-Jason Henika, 59-J. Conboy, 61-Tim Phelps, 63-Steven Brockman, 65-Billy Hribar, 71-Connor Fitzell, 74-C. Harvey, 77-Miguel Montero, 79-Jason Lewis, 81-John Piecewicz, 84-Tom Kennedy, 85-Josh Creighton, 88-Josh Clark, 92-Jimmy Baker, 95-Anthony Purdy, 98-Brett Walton, 99-Chris Cadorette. Washington, 5-Andrew Sweet, 6-Colby Feane, 7-Jon Le Messurier, 9-Ryan Smith, 10-Shawn Mizro, 15-Eric Ampuja, 16-Craig Swanson, 18-Pat Lester, 22-Dan Suozzi, 25-Rick Spidalieri, 28-Ty Godinho, 29-Kent Thorpe, 30-Brain Sorhaindo, 31-Jamie Anderson, 34-Jimmy Gradis, 38-Evan Hoffman, 40-Chris Whipple, 41-Nolan Robinson, 42-Tony Clemente, 45-Mark Lawrenz, 46-David Szentesy, 47-Tyler Mason, 49-John Hennekey, 51-Andy Purdie, 57-Nino Giambrone, 60-Josh Van Auken, 61-Jeff Bruckman, 70-Ryan Hallings, 71-Ally Mosiello, 73-Walt Bennett, 76-Matt Montroy, 77-Alex Bell, 79-Matt Kehoe, 82-Rich Keefe, 84-Rick Pinero, 85-Tony Perillo, 88-L.

Willard, died 8/10/87: 8/18/87p6 Came, Floss P., died 10/7/80: 10/14/80p2 Cameron, Albert J., died 6/2/90: 6/11/90p6 Cameron, Barbara L., died 6/3/88: 6/13/88p6 Cameron, Beth, and Kevin Robbins are wed 7/16/83: 9/6/83p7 Cameron, Don, sells "a lot of grass" sod: 5/17/83p1 Cameron Jr., John B., died 1/17/91: 1/28/91p6 Cameron, M&M George, celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/22/83p15 Cameron, Sylvia H., died 2/9/90: 2/19/90p6 Campbell, Doris C., died 9/5/82: 9/7/82p2 Campbell, Elizabeth J., died 6/1/82: 6/8/82p2 Campbell, Ernest W., died 2/16/87: 2/24/87p6 Campbell, Forrest S., died 8/24/91: 8/31/91p6 Campbell, Helen, and Donald Burst are wed 5/21/83: 7/12/83p10 Campbell, John L., died 11/23/89: 12/4/89p6 Campbell, Kevin G., died 2/3/90: 2/12/90p6 Campbell, M&M Ernest , celebrate 50th anniversary: 2/29/80p3A Campbell, M&M Forrest, wed 40 years: 8/5/91p7 Campbell, Marion G., died 5/30/91: 6/10/91p6 Campbell, Winona M., died 9/13/87: 9/22/87p6 Canney, Alice L., died 4/1/91: 4/8/91p6 Canney, Clayton C., died 8/16/81: 8/25/81p2 Canney, Frank, was Rochester's Houdini: 10/9/84p36 (Note 1) Canney, Jerome E., died 9/30/87: 9/29/87p6 Canney Jr., Robert, died 1/23/92: 2/1/92p6 Canniff, Richard, and Cheryl Quinn are wed: 6/17/80p13 Cannon, Marchmont, and Patricia Rapp are wed 8/21/82: 2/1/83p8 Cantin, Bessie, died 10/14/81: 10/20/81p2 Caplette, Claire, and Gary Blanchette wed 10/21/83: 11/22/83p8 Caplette, Joseph, died 4/3/81: 4/14/81p2 Caplette, Raoul J., died 12/31/89: 1/8/90p6 Capone, Albert J., died 12/4/88: 12/12/88p6 Capone, M.

Phyllis, died 10/12/90: 10/22/90p6 Carberry, Kathleen, honored by BPW: 5/20/80p7 Carberry, Kathy, earns award from Women Police Ass'n: 10/1/85p1 Carbone, Wyona M., died 8/1/89: 8/7/89p6 Carbonneau, Mary E., died 9/1/87: 9/8/87p6 Card, Bernice B., died 11/18/88: 11/28/88p6 Card, Henry W., died 3/28/92: 4/4/92p6 Card, Mary, wins craft award for bedspread: 9/24/85p1 Card, William L., died 10/26/88: 11/7/88p6 Cardin, Jason L., died 7/10/91: 7/22/91p6 Cardinal, Bernice, died 4/26/90: 5/7/90p6 Cardinal, Carroll C., died 4/8/83: 4/19/83p8 Cardinal, Estella M., died 5/18/86: 5/27/86p6 Cardinal, Ethel M., died 2/12/88: 2/23/88p6 Cardinal, Rita B., died 8/18/86: 8/26/86p8 Cardinali, Theresa, died 10/6/87: 10/13/87p6,10/20/87p6 Carey, Constance T., died 6/9/80: 6/17/80p2 Carignan, Bertrand H., died 10/17/91: 10/26/91p6 Carignan, Blanche J., died 11/1/84: 11/13/84p9 Carignan, Estelle, died 3/13/83: 3/22/83p8 Carignand, Laurenda, died 8/23/81: 9/1/81p2 Carleton, Paul L., died 1/17/86: 1/28/86p6 Carll, Elaine, and Jean Chasse are wed 3/2/80: 4/29/80p13 Carll, Gladys, died 2/23/82: 3/2/82p9 Carll, Grace E., died 3/9/80: 3/18/80p2 Carlson, Richard V., died 11/12/84: 11/20/84pp1,13 Carnegie, Jean E., died 8/10/91: 8/17/91p6 Caron, Henriette M., died 7/7/90: 7/16/90p6 Caron, Koan P., died 8/12/91: 8/17/91p6 Caron, Laura A.,.

5 184 36.8 42 0 1 Punts Kickoffs Intercept All Returns No. 3 98 32.7 35 1 0 Punts Kickoffs Intercept All Returns No.