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Queen Anne, like her predecessor Queen Mary II, was a daughter of James II, who had fled the country in 1688.

The new Queen was in ill health, having suffered over a dozen miscarriages and stillbirths, and being afflicted by a gout like symptoms.

6) You may be charged a fee for the qualified practitioner to complete the form but save it along with your regular medical expense receipts and claim them on your personal tax return.

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The house now called Angel Corner was built on the Angel Hill in Bury.There had been a ditch in front of the abbey gate for drainage purposes for many years. There is evidence that the ditch was still there in 1702, and that the lower part of the Angel Hill was lower than it is now.Sir Thomas Felton replaced Sir Robert Davers as Bury's second MP, but within a year Davers was back to replace John Hervey when Hervey became a peer.By 1701 Parliament had become desperately worried about the future of the monarchy. Although Mary's sister, Anne, could succeed to the throne, she had also failed to produce an heir who had survived beyond childhood.Once elevated to the House of Lords, he ceased to be Bury's MP.

By now, Suffolk was dominated by the Tory party who controlled both County parliamentary seats.The other surviving Stuarts were all Roman Catholics, and they were excluded by this Act.In 1689, following the "Glorious Revolution", the throne was offered to William and Mary, who became William III and Mary II.In Haverhill as the seventeenth century gave place to the eighteenth, weaving began to expand in the town, no doubt as a result of the influence of Flemish Huguenot refugees who had settled in the eastern counties late in the seventeenth century, following the French King Louis XIV's revocation of the Edict of Nantes.In 1685 Louis decided to outlaw Protestantism in France, which had been tolerated in selected cities since the Edict of Nantes in 1598.Have you ever wondered if the Canadian Disability Tax Credit is something you could use on your personal tax return, or that of a family member?