chris tomlin dating lauren Evans dating naomie

These couples come in all shapes, sizes and colors; where the most important thing is their love for one another (even if for a brief time).Here are the tales of inspiring interracial celebrity romances.

Puck has four children in total, two from his previous marriage.

He’s been married a total of three times, this latest marriage to Gelila seeming to be the one that finally sticks.

Now married for over five years, the couple is as strong as ever. During their ten year marriage, the couple welcomed three children together – Spencer, Mason and Piper, all of whom are loved by their parents and are adorable.

Sara filed for divorce from Cuba, but we are sure there’s still love there, surely when there are children involved! Chrissy and John are two people that seem to truly complete one another.

They look very good together, and have been known to have a cute banter between them, which we all know is one of the keys to a successful relationship.

The legendary late musician, David Bowie, was married to the equally legendary model, Iman, for over 24 years, until him death in January 2016.They met in 2002 and married ten years later in 2012 at his home, which he aptly named, the Skywalker Ranch.They also have a daughter, Everest, together, who they dote over.The two have been married since 1993, meeting through the modeling agency Keisha worked at.Justin was there to model Calvin Klein underwear (how appropriate… Justin and Keisha have five, yes, five, children together and have careers to boot; especially with Justin being one of the longest standing characters on the hit show, Grey’s Anatomy. Keisha used to be a model booking agent, so she isn’t far from show business at all.The two are technically still together, but after three years, Halle decided to file for divorce.