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A negro band, imported from Broad- way, was emitting spasms of synco- pated din. As they wove in and out over the crowded floor, Gladys rested a flushed cheek against his chin, and John won- dered if she intended to fall asleep in his arms.

Gladys tugged at John's elbow; she placed an expectant arm about his shoulder. Then he caught a glimpse of Margery dancing sedately with a white-haired gentleman.

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Having completed Broadway, the Westchester roadhouse sector, and Greenwich Village, Jack set out gaily for Paris under some such alibi as "studying art," purposing to do most of his "studying" at the Folies Bergere and the demi-mondained cafes of the Quartier Latin.

Musical comedy queens passed the word around that he was "a nice kid." Underdressed dowagers titled him "a wild, quite irresponsible young man, my dear." Flappers felt a thrill at being seen with such a hand- some Don Juan. Harlan, after trying threats, pleading and blus- ter to get his son to settle down in the banking business, gave up the task.

Gladys possessed a long, slender chassis, black curly bobbed hair, flirty eyes, and a weakness for good-looking men older than herself.

She had ab- sorbed two rather hefty slugs of gin out of her last partner's flask.

If you decide to by, send .50 a month until .75 is paid. A few years ago a new and unknown gem stone was accidentally created by M. His asso- ciates examined the new gem and declared the secret of making diamonds had been discovered. he says, flashes like a diamond, and will last forever, but the composition is not identical. A cablegram reached him on the day he landed at Cherbourg.

They flash with equal brilliance and withstand the same heat and acid tests. During those ten minutes Jack Har- lan's attitude on life abruptly changed.

Harlan up for lost and the old gentle- man preserved their reputations by passing gently away two days later, the Broadway-after-midnight set lost one of its picturesque members. By the time he reached freshman year at Princeton, Jack had graduated into leading ladies and stars and, as an alternative to the footlight cuties, was gadding about from cabaret to cab with the flapper society set.devoted exclusively to his two worlds of pleasure.

WHEN the five most ex- pensive medical spe- cialists ever assembled under one roof gave John R. He had always been too busy guarding the Harlan millions and the half-cen- tury-old banking house of Harlan & Co. During Jack Harlan's prep-school days at Lawrenceville, he first began to plumb, in vacation periods, the fizzy world that lay behind the blinking lights of Broadway and learned that almost any chorus girl would forget almost anything for a good-looking youth with a quota of the Harlan fortune lining his pockets.

Like- wise a little troubled, as if this were an agreeable, but disturbing, thing with which she had expected to conjure some time.

But she answered bravely:"Yes." Margery slipped half into his lap. Didn't he use to play the Broad- day cabarets and go around with actresses and all that? Schuyler Hicks was telling me the other day—" was somewhat of a high-flyer in college and the first year or so after he got out —what youngster with too much money isn't?

But he settled down when his father died, and I'll vouch for it that he's been pretty near a model young man ever since."They journeyed to Bermuda on their honeymoon—John's first long outing in many years—and by the time they re- turned, their cozy new home at Long Hills, in Jersey, within easy commut- ting distance of Wall Street, was com- pleted. He had one of the nicest homes in plutocratic Long Hills; he thought no woman could possibly be so naively charming as Margery; and Harlan & Co. Margery managed the corps of ser- vants like a little blonde Napoleon.