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Or worse yet, we will assume that we were the reason someone cheated on us and we will do whatever we need to be attractive and available to our ‘next’ partner—anything to avoid being cheated on again.” And if you did the cheating, it’s worthwhile to explore why it happened and get to the root of the issue to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

“No one should be responsible for loving you better and more than you love yourself.

Making someone a condition for your happiness is a trap. Learn to love yourself then watch that amazing person enter your life with ease,” she recommends.

But when you’re ready to get back out there, make sure you know what women always want to hear.

“This is a mistake I see made frequently,” says Amber Soletti, a dating and relationship coach and founder of NYC and Austin-based dating service On Speed

“Cheating isn’t fun, that’s obvious, but we often lose sight of how it affects our ‘next’ relationships,” says Armstrong.

“If we have been cheated on, hard as we may try, we will generally assume the worst and be incredibly cautious with whoever we meet next.This also indicates that you’re likely afraid of being alone.Instead of always having a backup plan, try to get more comfortable with the idea of not being part of a couple before searching for a new partner.“If you have no time to give, then it’s a good time to be single for a while.Give yourself permission to focus on you for a bit.” If you’re constantly busy, check out this leading CEO’s advice on how to multitask.“Some people do not feel good about themselves unless they are in a relationship,” says Drenner.