Han hyo joo dating scandal

After the incident was reported, she chose not to return to the home she shared with her husband and instead went to live at her parents' home.

Prosecutors in the Lee Byung Hun blackmail case said this week that they did not find enough evidence to prove model Lee Ji Yeon's claim that she and the actor had an affair.

The 44-year-old actor, who married actress Lee Min Jung last year, denied that he had a romantic relationship with the 24-year-old model.He said that he knew Lee Ji Yeon and Dahee through a mutual friend and had attempted to distance himself from them when he realized they had financial problems.According to the prosecution, the women may have conspired to blackmail the actor from the beginning, assuming he was interested in Lee Ji Yeon.When he did not express interest in starting an affair, they used her phone to capture him having a suggestive conversation and threatened to blackmail him with that.They allegedly conspired to blackmail him, setting up a smartphone to catch candid shots should he decide to initiate a relationship.

But, according to the prosecution, there is no evidence that the relationship ever happened.

According to the Korea Herald, prosecutors said that the women met Lee Byung Hun at a July 1 dinner gathering and subsequently met him several times later for drinks.

The women thought that he was interested in an intimate relationship with Lee Ji Yeon.

He asked "A" for help and decided after their discussion to report the incident to the police.

Lee Byung Hun's wife Lee Min Jung was visiting friends in Paris when the scandal first broke.

The mystery woman was also present at future meetings between them.