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Black White Dating’s following is rather young — the average user age is around 32 — and Elena attributes that to the relatively open-minded attitude many millennials have toward interracial dating.About 28% of the site’s audience is between 25 and 35, and nearly 22% is between 35 and 45.Certain outside forces tried to drive a wedge between them and undermine the value of their relationship.

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Elena told us that couple’s story is the reason why she wanted to create a network of online resources for interracial daters.She launched Black White Dating to promote reliable online dating resources in thorough reviews on dating sites and apps geared toward singles of all skin colors and backgrounds.“I think a lot of people today have an attraction to interracial partners, but they may be shy to follow that through,” Elena said.“I thought it would be a wonderful thing if I could help singles who are interested in interracial dating to find their soul mates.” An interracial dating site makes it a little easier for singles to start a conversation and ask out a date who may come from a different cultural background but shares similar values, goals, or other personality traits.They felt eyes lingering on them as if they were under a spotlight.

It isn’t easy being different and standing out because of your skin color or the skin color of your date.Fortunately, Black White Dating tackles both problems by posting full reviews of interracial dating sites and publishing advice articles on how to make interracial relationships last.The website is a comprehensive dating resource for white, black, Asian, Hispanic, and biracial singles who want to diversify their date prospects by going online.“Though most of our audience comes from English speaking countries, we really are showing a lot of growth from multiple countries all across the globe.” A tight-knit team runs Black White Dating with compassion and integrity.It’s a small crew, and everyone has their niche role.The site is growing its senior audience as well; nearly 12% of users are over 65 years old.