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The fact that she shoots well is the most important bit. The 14 stage match attracted 280 contestants from across the United States.

[Press release after the jump.] But the fact that she shoots at all is even better. Nonaka placed fourteenth out of 90 shooters and second overall in her USPSA B classification.

She represents her main sponsor, Taurus, as a team captain for them.

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“I was so excited to shoot this Area USPSA match in preparation for this year’s nationals later this fall,” said Nonaka.

“I was squaded with a great group of people and I am pleased with the score I shot!

“Grey’s Anatomy” star Jesse Williams’ divorce from his wife Aryn Drake-Lee, who supported him for years when he was a struggling actor, is because he now “wants to be the hot single guy in Hollywood,” friends say. Williams has been linked to Derek Jeter’s ex Minka Kelly, who he was photographed with in France, and friends tell us he is “currently seeing Minka.” But another source close to Williams insists, “They’re working on a video game with quite a few other people.” The source added that when Williams and Drake-Lee moved to LA for “Grey’s Anatomy,” he became the breadwinner. He was taking care of her.” Drake-Lee was often dogged in the media for not looking like a Hollywood starlet when she was photographed with him. They’re going to paint a picture like he’s been separated for a very long time, but the truth is that he left her.” Williams was silent when recently asked about Minka.

Sources told us Drake-Lee — who has worked in real estate and the art world — was his rock and the main breadwinner until Williams scored his big role on “Grey’s Anatomy” in 2009. He’s drinking his own Kool-Aid and it’s ‘the Jesse show.’ He’s dead f - - king wrong. “When you hear people saying, ‘Why aren’t you with someone hotter or with this actress? He instead turned his back to the cameras to reveal a jacket that read: “Don’t Believe the Hype.” A rep for Williams would not comment.

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They’ve been together for 13 years, married in 2012, and have two children. ’ I’m sure that placed a strain on their relationship,” the first source said, adding that Williams will try to portray the divorce as amicable.

Williams’ rise in Hollywood is to blame for the actor’s change of heart about his marriage, friends believe.

She has won nine championships already in the year 2014 alone.

She is the first female to recive the title of “Grand Master”, which the USPSA designates as the highest rating a shooter can receive.

Area 3 puts on a challenging match; it will further prepare me for this week’s Area 8 match.” Nonaka will be joined by teammate Michelle Viscusi and Team GLOCK captain KC Eusebio at the USPSA Area 8 Championship held at the Pitcairn-Monroeville Sportsmen’s Club in North Versailles, Pa., Aug. The match will feature 10 stages and a minimum round count of 294 rounds.