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I complied to that request but surprisingly when checking my credit record tonight it was still... This is a complaint that needs your urgent attention.I was treated very badly by the OR Tambo flyairlink staff on the 2018/07/06 .THE PROCESS WAS TAKING FOREVER AND I KEPT CONSTANT CONTACT WITH THE FRAUD DEPARTMENT BUT WAS SENT FROM PILLAR TO POST. We asked for a letter to say that his name is clear, they cannot do will take 24 hours to clear. Hi Please help me under Debt Review Debt Surgeon from 2016 payments are still been deduction from your side as arrears balance showing on my statement Please advise as Debt Recoveries are still sending sms stating that the Debt Review will be terminated from their side that I am in arrears and the debit order still running ever month since 2016 as reflected on my bank statement sent to Debt recoveries.

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Makes you wonder are they earning an extra buck on the side line with the debit collector. I have explained countless times to every consultant that the account has been paid every consultant has checked after i told them it is paid and confirmed it is up to date.They all promised me that they will update the account and promised me that they will...I cant claim but they expect their payment per month !!!! Until now the 16th July 2018 Absa is still calling me accusing me of not have paid the account.This Branch if you can avoided them please do, they are unprofessional when it comes to communication, and you might just find yourself in trouble because there accounts department are not very resourceful in advise you have an outstanding account outstanding, They will hand you over very quickly, without warning or notice. I have received the call from the 15th person daily from the 6th Of July until now.Been two months that I have been waiting for my refund that I over paid my account before closing and I am just not getting anywhere with them. Every time they say someone will call me back and I am and the end of my rope with this HI I TOOK MY CAR IN LAST FRIDAY TO b OSCH SERVICES AT 462 Dykor str in silverton i phoned them wednesday then they said i can pick my car up by thursday i took leave to come and fetch my car when i arrived there they said they are waiting for the sensor i should come back later as the mechanic went and fetch it i came back later just to find out that the sensor they are looking for they have not in stock so i have wasted a whole days leave I bough some items at pep and paid with my fnb card but they told me it was not taken to pep so it will be refunded back to me within 7 days and I haven't received my money and its been 15 days now and I'm so disappointed with this and that means people must be careful when using their cards at pep.

GOOD DAY ON THE 07/07/2018 I BOOKED A TRAVELLING TICKET TO AT CHECKERS STORES IN GRAHAMSTOWN TO TRAVEL TO MTHATHA ON THE 9TH JULY AT .I told her i had applied and the application failed because there are no proviosion around my location. What can I do know because I'm blacklisted call me I can't do any thing now. I contacted one plan on the 18 October to advice them my card has been exp.She asked for address and and she said the services were available and she offerd me Unlimited Home Fibre 4Mbps 2Gb Mobile Data Calling Plan Lit Box device for streaming all @ R 807 pm. Im very worried loan locators they deduct the amount of 399 in my account then I reversed that money because I didn't applied for their loan. Contact them on the 11 Dec & 9 January 18, April 2018. They keep on promise the card will be delivered in 72 hours.why is renault letting us as client's suffer because they put cheap and poor qulity brake pads on the car. I bought ticket for eagler liner on sunday i was going to use the ticket Monday by 13: 00 from jhb to cape town i wait for 6 hours at Johannesburg park station eagler liner didn't come they send TOOTS COACHES instead of eagle liner the condition of the is not good its cold inside there's no heater i reach cape town late eagle liner service is poor you can call me 0710733765 i have taken number for 5 people on the bus for witnesses ON THE 26TH OF APRIL I WAS DEFRAUDED ON MY ABSA BANK ACCOUNT.I IMMEDIATELY REPORTED THE MATTER WITH THE ABSA BRANCH.I only discovered about this last year around October.