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It’s hard to get motivated as a job seeker, making it happen on your own.

The lack of structure or a set schedule can make your job search feel even more difficult.

If you are a dedicated job seeker; you should treat your search like a full time job.

Make sure your social media accounts are clean and represent you positively.Find out ; what opportunities are out there in the fields that you’re interested in, what areas of work you would like to be in ,work out what employers you would like to work for,and then approaching those employers.Whenever we discover that an existing attitude or behavior pattern has become obsolete, we can then seek an antidote by experimenting with other attitudes or behavior to replace the toxic pattern.Our capabilities function most effectively when we are not doing too much to distort and block our natural functioning.This way when you are invited for an interview you feel confident and ready to impress! ARISE AWAKE AND STOP NOT TILL THE GOAL IS REACHEDRecruiters have seen it all when it comes to candidates from embellished resumes to a total lack of commitment.

It’s their job to match up the top candidates with their perfect job, so they've become pretty well practiced at reading people and spotting the red flags a candidate may display.

Overcoming this toxic attitude often letting go of the fantasy that life ”should” be easy and that frustration is unfair.

Being obsessed with the wasted past does nothing but waste the present.

You have to write and rewrite resumes, and then send them out.

Contact them regularly and ask them about who else you should approach if they aren’t able to help.

I recognize that my own power to myself and take my stand is the best antidote to the toxic influences of the world in which I live.