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In my case, my first PM made me realize how much tension I actually hold in my pelvis…And it was awesome to feel this start to release with just a few minutes of loving attention.Layla is STILL considered one of the Greatest Rock Love Songs Ever! Not too long ago I was in KC and hear a bar band cover it, something you hear very often. I would think you have to have your musical chops to even attempt it.

Likewise, Looking Glasses's Brandy, another big hit of the same time, also brought in a wave of girls with that name!

I have been reading most of the comments and find lots of errors/urban legends ect.

He has been a decent session guitar player, but I would not count him among the greats like Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Larry Carlton, or George Harrison even.

Hendrix had his own set of problems, but talent wasn't among them - that being said I get tired of Hendrix much faster than many lesser guitar players like Neil Young.

A PM is a space where you are totally there for your man…

ready for anything he needs to experience or move through. A held space of at least 30 minutes where he can fully drop into all sensations.I guarantee you’ll make any man’s day with these 7 steps to the ultimate penis massage.Let me know in the comments below…have you ever tried anything like this with your man before, and if so what was his experience?While waiting for one of the sessions to begin, he sat down at a piano and started playing a riff he made up, just for his own amusement.Eric and the band were stunned - they didn't know he could also play piano! When I wake up some mornings and need to pep up my spirit... My children actually love the song even though at first they were like mom who's that? I said no it isn't, but I can understand every word he's singing and then the bulb came on for them. Shoot, is there any language of the Middle East is which "layla" (or "laylah") does not translate into "night"?I'm not sure where Clapton belongs since other than Sunshine of Your Love none of his guitar work stays in my head in anyway that awes me.