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users cannot log on to what the log file say is an existing session however when run look to see disconnected tcp sessions (not established connections, but just listening ports) i do not see any session existing for that user this is a chronic, reoccurring problem, that doesn't seem to manifest itself in any regular pattern what can I do?listing all xrdp sessions FOr anyone that comes across this issue, I found that xrdp server stores some state information about disconnected sessions.We have several printers in the office - 2 are connected to the network via ethernet cables, and another is connected to our "server" (which is actually a Windows XP machine).

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Exception Web Service Exception(Exception .

[20170419-] [INFO ] scp thread on sck 7 started successfully [20170419-] [INFO ] reconnected session: username test, display :47.0, session_pid 2869, ip - socket: 7 does not kill the process how do i kill this process?

It is strange for me because all the applications functions were working except this Microsoft Report Server webservice call. Axis Fault: HTTP ( 401 ) Unauthorized address : Server/Report Service2010at org.apache.axis2.jaxws. Axis Fault: HTTP ( 401 ) Unauthorized address : Server/Report Service2010Any information on this would be helpful.

I went through stackoverflow and googled and found various reason but I could not narrow down to my issue as it is working when I put it in classes directory of websphere profile. Exception Factory.create Web Service Exception(Exception at org.apache.axis2.jaxws.

If I attempt to manually find the printer by typing in the IP address of the server it is connected to it claims that it cannot find it.

Getting below exception when calling Report Server webservice fom Websphere 7.0.Even parsing all the TCP connections and killing the listening but not established ports does not solve this problem (although that does solve a huge problem of unnecessary resource allocation).I found I cannot reap the zombies and force XRDP to create a new session instead of trying to reconnect to previous state, without restart XRDP server.However, when I select "Automatically select the certificate store based on the type of certificate" it didn't put these in the trusted root.Instead I had to manually pick the certificate store and then select "Trusted Root Certification Authorities". I need to implement a service that does not start because the certificate cannot be validated.