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Depending on your own search criteria, you can quickly organize a sexdate near you.Slavery in the ancient world, from the earliest known recorded evidence in Sumer to the pre-medieval Antiquity Mediterranean cultures, comprised a mixture of debt-slavery, slavery as a punishment for crime, and the enslavement of prisoners of war.Hittite texts from Anatolia include laws regulating the institution of slavery.Of particular interest is a law stipulating that reward for the capture of an escaped slave would be higher if the slave had already succeeded in crossing the Halys River and getting farther away from the center of Hittite civilization — from which it can be concluded that at least some of the slaves kept by the Hittites possessed a realistic chance of escaping and regaining their freedom, possibly by finding refuge with other kingdoms or ethnic groups.The worst thing that could happen to a slave was being assigned to the quarries and mines.

Private ownership of slaves, captured in war and given by the king to their captor, certainly occurred at the beginning of the Eighteenth Dynasty (1550–1295 BCE).

Masters could free slaves, and in many cases such freedmen went on to rise to positions of power.

This would include those children born into slavery but who were actually the children of the master of the house.

One could also become a slave on account of his inability to pay his debts. People also sold themselves into slavery because they were poor peasants and needed food and shelter.

The lives of slaves were normally better than that of peasants.

In many of these cultures slaves formed a very large part of the economy, and in particular the Roman Empire and some of the Greek City-States built a large part of their wealth on slaves acquired through conquest.