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I contacted a fellow I knew in New Jersey who had indicated he owned one.

When I contacted him, he said he sold it several years prior, so that would have been 15-20 years ago. I thought I would just look for another example and found that the original Sebring wheel was 15.5”, so that was what I decided to make.

The price was £1740 complete with 1100cc BMC engine or £1325 less engine and gearbox.

The engine with 12.5 to 1 C/R was quoted as producing 88bhp at 7,750 rpm with a single Type HS6 SU carb with mandatory 3mm aluminium restrictor plate with 36mm aperture.

At that time I didn’t know that the original Falcon wheel was bigger.

Then a friend of mine in Japan told me of an original wheel there that he could measure for me.

This last 1964 engine had 71.63mm [ standard 1275 dia plus 40 thou ] bores and only a very short 61.91mm stroke giving a capacity of 999cc.

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