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Before we get too irate and have a trigger reaction against the idea feelings are actually valid if verified and tested, we should consider new revelations in brain science, learning-style revelations and basic psychology. What about Daniel Goleman’s work on emotional intelligence?What about Sir Ken Robinson’s work on education reform?

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And why dismiss feelings as though they are weak or lesser than?

Shouldn’t the issue be given a more nuanced treatment?

They are given to tribal thinking and confirmation bias.

Find me a theological rant of any stripe and I’ll show you a “thinker” using rational thought to defend the presuppositions of a tribe, likely in an effort to gain security or from a fear something is being taken away, in other words, rational thought fueled by feelings.

Add to this yet another conundrum, and that’s the myth any of us are objective thinkers in the first place.

Research indicates we are given to tribal thinking and confirmation bias and defend those “feelings” with rational justifications we most often mistake for a linear line of thought, as though we are objective. Mark Driscoll, Tim Keller, Richard Dawkins, Bill Nye and Ken Hamm are not completely objective thinkers.Did God create your mind to be a calculator and Satan stuck some feelings into the mix?The Bible itself includes a large amount of art and history and comparably few rational essays, so the evangelical tendency to dismiss “feelings” is confusing. Lewis arrived at their different positions by taking trails of thought.All I can offer is my perspective, which I do not offer as an answer, only a contribution to a discussion.On that note, one caveat: I can only give camera angles on the issue because that’s how I think. So as you read thoughts that may seem foreign, please understand my intent is not to judge or pose threat.What about Jung’s early work on personality theory and motives?