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I've certainly had Moore Park Bus Station to Central Station Stand H in the other direction, and pretty sure in the out as well.It's calculated correctly on the card for the .10 so it worked.There is no 'string' in the database to match the stop number OR the transaction was lost and so never made it to the backend for storage.

There are single Opal ticket machines with easy payment & soon you can use your debit card etc. Biggest issue seems to be if you need a concession OPal card, especially if you live outside the Opal area and rarely visit it.There are procedures to get refunds on any pre purchased advance tickets. Consider, for example, a pensioner who lives outside of the Opal area; they are referred urgently to a specialist in Sydney, and need to move about the city by public transport.Rang the number on the card to report faulty card and they logged it as lost/stolen.Waiting for new card to be posted out and decided to just check the account.Timeline is at least 4 weeks for a new location to be added, more if it covers multiple stops in an existing route.

Can someone please refresh my memory – mother-in-law has a pensioner card, she put on it months ago, but has never used the card.So why not just insert a new stop into the database with the appropriate GPS coordinates and a name to make it all happen?What's involved with adding or removing a bus stop, surely not a major system/database update?How does this work for people who have lifetime paper tickets? I very rarely use public transport so I don't visit booths and stations. Normally when I plan a trip from Newcastle to Sydney (which is rare) I usually just park the car at the station, purchase a return ticket and be on my way. If I didn't know about the Opal card and wanted to take a trip to Sydney, turned up at the station, would I be screwed or do they have some kind of fall back system in place? They will sell single tickets from Hamilton, Broadmeadow and Cardiff stations. These tickets are more expensive, and don't have the daily caps and transfer bonuses that Opal have.My uncle is a war veteran and has a paper ticket which enables unlimited free travel on buses, trains, ferries etc. Are they neglected or are they given a special Opal card with unlimited funds or something? IT has been covered for weeks on radio & on their web site plus info booths at stations plus the old fashioned phone up service ! You should get an Opal card though, it will be a lot cheaper even if you don't travel much.Total top ups minus total fares should appear as activity statement balance plus any carry over from previous statement, but the statement just don't add up.