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Original cast players Nicole Sullivan and Debra Wilson introduced new characters, playing Latina bimbos Lida and Melina together, while Wilson performed Bunifa, a fast-talking ghetto fabulous girl. Swan and Rosie O'Donnell; Pat Kilbane appeared as the Coffee Guy and the spokesman for Spishak, and performed his Howard Stern impersonation; Will Sasso frequently impersonated famous people such as Bill Clinton, Kenny Rogers, and Steven Seagal and Aries Spears did several impersonations of popular African-American celebrities. During the episode that aired February 6, 1999, Bret Hart appeared in a sketch with Will Sasso.Hart, a WCW wrestler, attacked Sasso during filming. Mary Scheer, Chris Hogan, and Lisa Kushell left the show.

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That and she happens to hate Damon and everything he stands for.He's caught snacking on a young woman in a dark ally.For more information, check out my website: DESIRE, HEARTBREAK, ENVY, REDEMPTION, FEAR, AND RAGE, BEGINS NOW ~ Months after the tragic accident that killed her mother, Isabella Swan and her father Charlie, are still trying to move on with their lives.They start this with a move across country to Mystic Falls.Only to find that she hasn’t any recollection of him.

NC-17Damon/Bella Pairing In Progress Story by: Dr Harleen Frances Quinzel Damon decided on a European vacation, and finds himself in a small village in Tuscany, Italy.

Imagine her surprise when she meets Damon and her entire life is turned upside down.

Disclosure: Twilight and Vampire Diaries are owned by their respective braianics that thought of it.

After a decade hanging out in Volterra, Damon encounters a brown-eyed girl in the Volturi throne room offering herself up to save a tormented Cold-One.

What if Alaric had a daughter Isabella Saltzman from his previous marriage before he married Isobelle and then dating Jenna.

As the new school term begins, Isabella is fascinated by a handsome and mysterious guy, Stefan Salvatore, and the two are not immediately drawn to one another.