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He spelled out his full name and location, and then he offered an explanation: He was a follower of the Islamic State. But while the enormity of the crime was quickly apparent, authorities were just beginning to sort through the jumble of motives that may have led the 29-year-old immigrant’s son to open fire on scores of young men and women inside the Pulse nightclub.

By 5 a.m., Mateen lay dead, killed in a gun battle with police in a violent finale to the worst mass shooting in U. [Orlando rampage reflects convergence of terrorism and mass shootings] While Mateen claimed allegiance to Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, no evidence had emerged by late Sunday pointing to actual ties to terrorist groups or a significant association with jihadist causes.

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In a series of Myspace photos, ­Mateen is seen taking selfies wearing New York Police Department shirts.

Florida public records confirm that Mateen had a permit to carry a concealed weapon and was a licensed security guard, first at a facility for juvenile delinquents and later for G4S, a security company.

Some were milling around nearby restaurant parking lots Monday morning, still wearing pajamas. The standoff also disrupted the routines of residents who lived in neighboring apartment communities.

About five blocks from the apartment, two police squad cars blocked the entrance to the street.

Born in New York, he was the son of an Afghan immigrant who moved his family to Florida when Mateen was a child.

The older Mateen would eventually open a business and attempt to dabble in Afghan politics from afar, starting a You Tube channel in Florida in which he sometimes expressed favorable views about the Taliban. -- A police officer investigating a domestic disturbance was shot Monday morning in Orlando.Police said the suspect has been barricaded all day inside an apartment, holding four children hostage.Mateen would spend his youth and young adulthood in Florida, attending a local high school and obtaining an associate’s degree in criminal justice from nearby Indian River State College in 2006, according to college spokeswoman Michelle Abaldo.He held jobs as a security guard and appeared to have a fondness for law enforcement, having once talked to friends about becoming a police officer."It was horrible.""I told my wife get ready because we might have to leave the apartment," Lopez said.