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- Here's some more hot pics of Emma posing nude in her LLC...first with some musical equipment and then on a staircase.She has her exercise on a variety of exercise machines and tickles her exposed foot as she uses them.

We did a bunch of custom never before seen term shoots with Benetta, Emma, Yvette and Zuzu and have lots and lots of footage we will present here for these four girls who spent parts of consecutive months over a few years term casted.Its an astonishing amount of footage that would take years to release otherwise, so we decided to create a single theater just for these girls term casting experiences.A crutcher's clip with some great closeup shots of Emma's long straight pretty wiggling, curling toes. She needs all the traction she can get in this hilly neighborhood to get around on her sticks. Sabry crutching white nylon kneebrace shoe off (vid ) Beautiful Sabry uses crutches because she has a problem with her knee. Immediately wearing the shoe, but then bothers and takes it off, so you can see her beautiful white pantyhose foot.Check out her sexy model's bod too as she crutches around. Beautiful woman crutching with barefeet (vid ) Beautiful woman crutching with barefeet.It's not long before she tires though and must sit down for some prolonged POV and closeup foot rubbing and massaging between her naked toes. A really nice combination crutching and foot show clip with excellent closeups and foot play.

We think this is a "must see" because Zuzu is very playful in it and teases.

In clips you will see only nice and attractive girls and ladies with * casted legs * sprains * cam walkers * braces * bandages * air casts * crutches WELCOME TO SWECRUTCH. YOU CAN SOON FIND THE MOST FROM CRUTCHCAST & SWECRUTCH HERE!

This ia a website that offers images and clips of leg cast, bandage, socks, aircast, crutching and hopping, with girls from Sweden, Denmark and Hungary.

She takes her crutches away so poor suzy has to hop on with one and then no crutches.

She wirtes on her cast and makes her clutch the pen between her casted toes.

When she sees you checking her out though she stops, sticks her bad leg up and curls her toes up and down to wave at you.