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After, Beth drives Leslie to Vegas where Leslie's estranged father lives. Coincidentally, she shares a name with Jeremy's ex girlfriend in the film, Katya.

See more » When Sue Lynne has one final confrontation with Elizabeth at the diner, she pays Arnie's tab and says "don't forget about him" but her lip movements don't match the words she's saying.

Also, they’re great actors, so I believed their characters — especially because I didn’t really know them.

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NJ: Somebody who saw the film said to me once, “I really liked the film, it was like a very sweet ballad.” And of course, I sing a lot of quiet ballad music, so there’s a similarity not a ballad, that’s a different kind of movie, but certainly some of his movies are melancholy, and slow moving, and subtle.Abruptly, she leaves New York City to get away from her pain. There, a heart-broken cop is drinking himself into oblivion, his ex occasionally showing up where he drinks and Lizzy works.Then, she's in Nevada, working at a casino where she uses her savings (she wants a car) to stake Leslie, a busted gambler, in a high rollers' game. Katya Blumenberg, who worked on the Art Department of the film, has a cameo as the girlfriend of Elizabeth's ex boyfriend.I found a good acting teacher, and I asked [Wong Kar-Wai], “Can you tell me what to work on?

Can you tell me something about the story, the character, anything?

This is your first acting job, straight into a starring role.

You’re surrounded by some of the most talented actors around at the moment — was that intimidating at all? I mean, I felt definitely they were more confident in what they do — they know what’s going on and I don’t, but they’re all really easy to work with and such nice, normal people, and they really made me feel comfortable.

He definitely tends towards the beauty of the feminine thing, I think. So this film was, in a way, a tribute to a lot of the American films, music and culture that he grew up watching. There’s not a lot of travelling in the end product, it was meant to be more of a road movie I think.

I think we all felt that that the movie and these characters represent his view of America, and it’s a very romantic view, but in a good way. It’s still about journeying to different places, but it’s more implied. NJ: Well I travel quite a bit these days with touring yeah, but even as a kid my Mom and I took a lot of road trip vacations – it’s cheap, and gosh it’s a beautiful country to take a road trip in. NJ: Yeah, the café, I think was meant to feel a little bit like that.

” He said, “No, and I don’t want you to take acting lessons — I think you should stop. ” He was so sure of himself though that I just believed him, so I stopped. It’s not all about me, as a singer or whatever — it certainly doesn’t have the same kind of pressure attached to it for me.