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Whatever your motivation, when you search for exercises that target the obliques, you’ll soon come across the Russian twist.

Never mind that it isn’t actually Russian; as fitness historian Terry Todd, Ph.

Ob in der Wirtschaftsförderung oder im Flächenmanagement – die LEG bietet interessante und vielfältige Arbeitsgebiete.

Fortunately, Robertson says, there are much better exercises to use in your core workouts. Grab the handle or the end of the band with both hands and stand sideways to the machine or attachment point.

For relatively inexperienced lifters, or anyone who’s dealt with back pain in the recent past, Robertson recommends the Palloff press, which you can see demonstrated by Boston-based trainer Tony Gentilcore, C. Push the handle straight out in front of you, pause, pull it back to your chest, and repeat.

D., once told me, it was first used by British soldiers in the late 19 century.

Today the exercise seems more popular than ever, at least in my gym.

If your fitness level is more advanced, Robertson recommends the full-contact twist.

(See a demonstration of the exercise in this video.)Set up a barbell in a landmine core trainer, or secure one end in a corner with towels or a sandbag.

You quickly realize there’s also some interesting stuff on the other side: lats, traps, triceps.

At some point, not long after your legs stop growing, you figure out those muscles respond to training, too.

For a hundred years before 1917, it experienced wild disorders and political violence interspersed with periods of unquiet calm, meanwhile producing some of the world’s greatest literature and booming in population and helping to feed Europe.

Then it leapt into a revolution unlike any the world had ever seen.

But the real test of your muscular awareness comes when you start to wonder about all the ones in between, like your obliques. Or you might see a picture of a shredded fitness model and wonder what’s going on with those fingerlike muscles on the sides of his waist.