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I have made my share of sling shots using automobile tire rubber, old shoe leather tongues and forked prongs with dogwood being my favorite.

Throughout the years, during the many trials and tribulations that came her way which is a part of Life, she would say, "And this too shall pass" of which it does given time and with the Lord's Grace and Mercy that is available to all of us.Below a few pixs: The above pix was taken sometime around 1941 with our Pop in the background of which was Love at first sight when he met our "to be Mom", grin if you must!Back during the early black and white westerns on TV, our younger brother Joe would ride his horse which was a stick that he had fashioned reins (string) tied to it and he would make all the sound effects and motions of a horse raring up and would slap the side of his leg while he was "riding" his horse.How he was able to run with that stick between his legs dragging the ground behind him and not getting tripped up was unbelievable.The table could use a make over; e.g., sanding and refinishing, but I plan to leave it as is.

Pop was an excellent player and I rarely won a game of checkers with him since he could see about 3 more moves ahead of you all the time, however I won the first game ever played on this table.I made "Pop" several drill fixtures with hardened drill bushings over the years but he loved the ole way of doing things.Pix of our Dad taken in the early to mid 1960s with my dog Brownie.I like the statement that Anthony Hopkins used in the movie "The Edge", "What one man can do, another can do." that have helped and inspired me and in no way all inclusive in this section and other pages throughout this website.I give God our Creator, through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, the Praise, Honor and Glory in all things!Our "Pop" William Porter taught us the value and respect of the great outdoors and we shared many memorable days hunting cottontail rabbits with all breeds of hounds and later had to use the small beagles because of the increase in the Whitetail deer population.