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Good times to call Kate: AM-AM Vehicles Kate likes: Comet, Habanero, Patriot, Rebla, Super GT Vehicles Kate dislikes: Moonbeam, Peyote, Solair, Stretch, Sultan RS, Voodoo Clothes Kate likes on Niko: Anything from The Russian Shop; excluding hats and glasses Clothes Kate dislikes on Niko: Anything from Modo or Perseus as well as hats and glasses How Kate rates places to eat: Cluckin’ Bell – – 50 Burger Shot – – 50 Diner – – 60 Mr.

Kate Mc Reary is Packie Mc Reary’s sister and is the exact opposite of Packie … After completing the missions “Waste Not Want Knots” Packie will call Niko saying that he should take her out on a date.You can pick her up from the Mc Reary house or where she works, both of which are located in Dukes.He’d always say, ‘Hey, relax with Vladdy up.’ Now my manager, (John) Schneider who was my manager (at advanced-A Dunedin) last year and this year, he’s more aggressive. Vladdy also is always like, ‘Hey man, if you can get in scoring position, go ahead and do it.’ So that’s something I’ve done more. Trying and failing at times has taught me a lot.” Bichette has stolen the 26 bases in 33 attempts for a 79 per cent success rate, above the 75 per cent threshold for success generally considered the level needed to make risking an out worthwhile.Rather than relying primarily on picking up tendencies or on-field reads, he employs a more analytical approach to when he takes off.The lesson driven home to him is that there are times he needs to rein in his aggressiveness and be smart about what he swings at. I think mechanics are important — I don’t think they’re everything,” he said.

“I think when you start to go wrong, it’s probably about what you’re swinging at instead of how you’re swinging. I went two weeks struggling and I didn’t know what to do.Complete the "First Date" Mission Likes Michelle is awake from 6am-11pm.Don't call her before she is awake because she will lose fondness for Niko.I tried everything with my swing and what I realized is that I don’t care how good your swing is, if you’re swinging at stuff three feet off of the inside part of the plate, you’re probably not going to hit it very good.That’s what I was doing, so I think it’s about getting a good pitch to hit rather than how you’re swinging.” Bichette has also made gains defensively, working to improve his throwing accuracy, his range and his concentration in the field, but isn’t fully satisfied with what he’s done in a league where he’s about four years younger than the average position player.“Honestly, being successful stealing bases is not only about getting good jumps and having instincts, it’s actually about math, knowing how fast pitchers are to home, knowing how fast the catcher is to second,” said Bichette.