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See more ยป "Lars and the Real Girl" may come off as an unrealistic, over-the-top, completely unfathomable fairytale for the mentally ill while the line between realism and fantasy is tightly walked. He'll make up any excuse he can muster to avoid even a simple breakfast at his brother's house (He lives in the garage; separated from the house of course, and completely isolated / detached from human contact).Some of the actions of the characters are questionable- mostly with the way the townspeople treat Lars and his delusions. Lars struggles to connect with people, which is due to years of neglect from his father, and the death of his mother during child birth.This is more like a fable and some might question the reality of it (and knock it for being unrealistic), but if they do, then they're missing the entire point.

His sister-in-law is worried for him, his brother thinks he's nuts, but eventually the entire town goes along with his delusion in support of this sweet natured boy that they've always loved.

To help Ryan Gosling stay in character, the real doll was treated like an actual person, as is done by the characters in the movie.

This isn't a film that's laugh out loud funny, a few occasional ones here and there, but I found myself smiling throughout. It created a much stronger reaction than I had anticipated.

Gosling had me laughing and nearly brought to tears all at the same time. The film does a great job of questioning normality and the treatment of the mentally ill.

Love, care, support, and acceptance for who you are.

They accept Bianca because of Lars and Lars finds love and acceptance. This is a rare film where we see a group of people do good - even though their method may be questioned - in order to help someone struggling with an illness.She's someone who won't crowd him or make him feel uncomfortable. The film slowly and gradually morphs into a story of love and acceptance.There's more to the story than just a simple sex doll toted around town by a lonely guy looking for attention.He even said once that he didn't think he was attractive. It's his attitude, his moves, his walk, his confidence. People making both claims say that they have worked with him. Career wise, he had nothing but box office flops recently and I doubt this is going to change in the future.I think he's a plain Jane, with a slight derpishness to him. The fangirls do come thundering out at any suggestion that Ry Ry might be less than 100% straight. And why do people who have met a celebrity in a professional situation or had a brief social encounter believe so fervently that they are experts on their private lives?First time I saw some early footage I said that is a young mary in training. But once I saw him on screen he was very sexy - just magnetic.