Sarah paulson dating jessica lange

She says she loves whoever [sic] she loves, and Sarah makes her really happy.” [From The National Enquirer, print edition, September 3, 2012] Good for them.

Here are 15 more things you probably didn’t know about Sarah Paulson: was the first series that she acted in that had such a huge audience, many of whom became obsessed with the show. She describes an encounter with a fan who approached her in the lobby of a theater.She came up to Sarah and rolled up her sleeve to reveal a tattoo inked in Paulson’s own handwriting. BUT I’M NO COOKIE" – a line Lana says in During an interview with Glamour, Sarah confessed that one of the things she couldn’t imagine doing was getting up every day and wearing a pantsuit.Do I have to write a sign that says ‘Equal Opportunity Employer?’”Her on-screen characters have also refused to be cast in a convenient mold.This story reminds me that American Horror Story is coming back in October, (there’s no definite return date yet), and that venerable lead actress Jessica Lange will be back.

I’ll save some mild spoilers for the end of this post, and let this be a warning that you shouldn’t read further if you want to avoid them, although they won’t ruin it for anyone.

You might know Sarah as the creepy clairvoyant friend of Jessica’s character, Constance.

The way this story is worded makes it unclear whether Lange and Paulson were already together when they worked on American Horror Story. Lange was previously in a long term relationship with actor Sam Shepard, they were together for almost three decades, have two children together, and separated around 2009.

The first installment will focus on the behind-the-scenes battle between the two actresses who worked through their mutual hatred to create the 1962 smash hit, which will focus on 2005’s Hurricane Katrina. RELATED: Sarah Paulson Is 'Begging' to Star in 'American Crime Story' About Hurricane Katrina On Monday, Paulson opened up to ET about her upcoming Emmy plans, revealing that she won’t be bringing girlfriend Holland Taylor as her plus-one. She admitted she’ll likely prepare a speech, just in case they call her name on Sept. “I probably will write something only because I never have before.

But then the last year when I went, so many people got up there with speeches, and some of the people have been up there a million times and they still get up there with speeches,” she tells ET.

due to a sense of “responsibility to get it right for her." The prosecutor was vilified — and very publicly criticized for a questionable perm, the subject of one episode midway through the series — during the O. Over the years, she's enjoyed an eclectic romantic life, once becoming engaged to the playwright Tracy Letts, who was at the time nine years her senior, then later dating actress Cherry Jones, who at 59 was then 18 years older.