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They try to work on their relationship, but Chet does not approve of her seeing two men.

He also discusses the effect on him of the seventh anniversary, ceremonies for which he plans to attend. Kat comes out to Devyn, but is still ambivalent about doing so with Ryan, who wonders why she has not done so yet, and decides to pursue the matter more directly.

Kat is honest with him, but later is angered by both his and J.

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Sarah discusses the childhood sexual abuse she suffered the hands of a teacher and inappropriate behavior from her father, to whom she hasn't spoken in eight years, an issue that becomes more immediate when she receives unwanted phone calls from him that greatly disturb her. Chet pursues his aspirations of being a TV host, and receives some constructive criticism, a disappointing surprise when he visits the filming location of Total Request Live , and an interview with Pete Wentz.

The suicide of one of Ryan's Army friends gives him cause to discuss the posttraumatic stress disorder that afflicts some of his fellow soldiers, his own traumatic memories of the Iraq War , and how the September 11 Attacks led to his enlistment.

Devyn ultimately decides she's not ready to be in a relationship with David or anyone else.

Ryan pursues his filmmaking interests, as does Sarah with the art therapy classes she teaches at the Gay and Lesbian Community Center.

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