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The former Barton Court Grammar School pupil was married and divorced in her 20s and then had two children with another man.She and her boys’ father split in 2010 and by the summer of 2015 Anna was ready to find love again.Six months after their whirlwind affair, Anna has decided to go public with her story for one reason: she wants to change the law so that men or women who create fake profiles on internet dating sites in order to get sex can be prosecuted.

By September of last year Anna sensed all was not well.

The distance, the lack of the contact, the unanswered phone calls. She took action and reloaded the Tinder app to her phone.

She said: “His alias was a clever twist on his real name.

Then I sat and cried and cried.“Worst of all was finding out he was married.

A woman seduced by a high-flying London lawyer who used a false name and picture on Tinder has called for those who create fake online profiles to be prosecuted.

Anna Rowe, a teaching assistant from Rough Common, fell in love with the man after connecting through the popular dating app and believed she would marry him – only to learn almost a year later that he had a wife and children.

“He told me he couldn’t get through this without me.“My heart hurt for all he was going through.

He would tell me how much it meant to him that he knew I was there for him, that I had his back.”Antony visit’s to Rough Common became infrequent.

They met for the first time on November 3, 2015, when Antony drove from London to Rough Common. She said: “He walked into my house with a quiet confidence, calm and an ease that felt like he had done the same every night for years.“It was like he was supposed to be there. It was like I’d known him and him me for far longer than we had.”They were intimate that first night, the springboard for six months of an intense and passionate relationship.“He asked me to marry him several times, called me his life, his heart, his soul,” she said.“He called me his wife and told me to call him my husband.

He would be there for me always and we had the rest of our lives together.”Antony visited Anna about twice a week.

Everything that hadn’t added up over the months, all the red flags and bad gut feelings over things that I had felt and pushed aside because I trusted him more than I did myself, or he had given me a reasonable answer to a question or I’d told myself I was being paranoid.”Anna has been left devastated – and even after finding out the truth is struggling to come to terms with it.