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This lifetime fitness is fraudulently conducting business and flat out lying and stealing to past members.When I cancelled my membership, it was only so i could switch to a better location that was closer to me.He knew every part of the business and believed that he could provide better customer service, and offer services that everyone in the family would enjoy, including bright, clean swimming pools and a variety of classes.

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Most clubs are located in fringe, suburban areas where clients don’t have easy access to a gym, or in medium to large metro areas so clients can visit a gym on their lunch hour or before and after work.

In 2004, the company went public, however, in 2015, the company was acquired by two equity firms, TPG Capital and Leonard Green and Partners as part of a leveraged buyout.

In 2000, the chain entered the Chicago market and was operating 21 health clubs.

In 2002, the company expanded to the Southwest with a gym in Tempe, Arizona.

I physically went into the club 5 separate time and each time they told me it was already taken care of or if I asked to speak to a manager they told me there was not one there and I’d have to come back, or they’d send me to an associate and told me they were the manager!!!!!

It is now July 13th and I am still yet to hear 1 call back about when in the world they’re going to give me my stolen money back.His response was that he was going to fill the paper.Ok so my pride at this point was only pricked a little.(never received it or got a call back) Michael Watson is the employee that posed as a manager and told me it was taken care of.Jason Bird is the general manager who I have asked to talk to several times and has been there when I am there, but I am always told he’s unavailable to speak with you and he’ll give me a call later that day.Within a year, he was the top salesperson and within 3 years, he became a partner with Nautilus.