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I have about 10 hours put into is divided up into five sections: the time prepping for the admission exam, first semester, second semester, internship goals, and the goals for whatever final route you end up on.

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Or maybe it was a number of factors I couldn’t quite name that enticed me into a glorious maelstrom of mediocrity.Whatever the case, I grabbed about a dozen VNs (all of which had been marked to under , always a good sign) and intend to read every last one of them.Unless you are particularly endeared towards the shopkeepers, there is no reason that you couldn’t completely stock up on supplies and pets in your first turn at the university and then never go shopping again.It was like some kind of gameplay miscommunication occurred wherein the developers wanted to have a financial management mechanic but forgot to actually make it necessary to carefully watch your finances.I’ve read some VNs that have really questionable word choice and sentence structure, but reads like it was the writer’s first time trying to translate something into English, and they definitely did not have a native speaker on hand to do any kind of QA testing.

The grammar is a mess, verb tenses change without warning, and on multiple occasions the word choice was so very odd that I couldn’t shake the feeling that they’d simply picked up a Chinese/English dictionary and selected a word at random without checking to see the context of the English word, or even if that particular word was still actually used in everyday speech.You can also buy foods or books to help raise some stats, but the majority of your purchases are going to be ingredients.The game offers multiple activities to help you earn coins, but these are all utterly unnecessary because most items are purchased for between ten and thirty coins, and the game starts you out with over ninety-nine hundred coins in your purse.Sakura is an orphan living on a small island in a kingdom where pastry chefs have an extreme amount of social and political clout, provided that they can earn the right credentials. Patras College, the kingdom’s best culinary school, where she can set herself up with a good internship and perhaps discover the truth about her parentage.When I said the English in this VN was broken, I wasn’t exaggerating.It’s like telling a trust fund kid to be careful about how much money they plan to spend at Taco Bell.