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The general advertisements portal has also a section of Bulgarian women offering escort or erotic services in return for sponsorship.

Most of the ladies on are based in Sofia and Varna.

Others its not and escorts are running a righ risk. Many websites blocked and search engines filter out results No hotel is girl friendly.

but if she has been registered before there they will be suspicious. Best have a hotel apartment and that way you are having friends.. Police raids on escorts hotels and checks on hotel visitors Sometimes you can get away with it.

Quietly slip a professional..escort up or they come up on their own. DUBAI seems westernised but it is a place you must be careful. Original list no hotel is girl friendly at your risk Government regulations forbid Vietnamese girls to stay overnight with foreign guys and most hotels follow this rule quite strictly.

Be choosy with the working girl if you intend to do so.

Prostitution is illegal..year there are many stories of police raids on rooms Hotels 4 and 5 star do not want escorts visiting.

Many escort girls are listed in Bulgarian sex portals and directories like Obiavi BG, All-BGEscort and Bulgaria Models.

Especially Obiavi BG gives an overview of a huge number of independent call girls, escort agencies and erotic clubs, not only in Sofia but also cities like Varna and Plovdiv.They will also have their namr registered on a list which can be handed tonpolice at any time.There is a high risk of being questioned if you sneek a girl up.Escorts quietly pretend to be quests and drinkers at the bar and are everywhere but many are nervous of problems. Set up stings to trap girls because recent african crime wave has meant they stopped turning partial blind eye. Yes there are hundreds of cheap massage shops chinese and asian but massage bad quality. Recently 2016 17 / 2018 fake adverts Lots of fake adverts by African crime gangs pretend to be blond lady and you visit their hotel or Apartments, you go in and are robbed and beaten up. People cant report to police because they are scared they will be in Some men have been busted in hotels have a girl their. If its a girlfriend and you register her in some hotels ok. Recent crime wave of fake massage /escorts have made people nervous. Hisiting European escorts charge high rates due to risks.. Here is a list of Hotels that allow you to bring your own guest back to the room without joiner fee, extra charges or any hassle.