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The Bell, by the way, is awesome: a lush purple smoothie with marionberries, bananas, and greens from the earth and ocean, it’s a wake-up call in a mason jar.

Oh, and they’re all in mason jars: it’s the only to-go option and it requires a two-dollar deposit.

They’ll lounge on old couches, bobbing their heads with headphones on.When you go to a café, the question you’re asking is “Could I one day come to this place in slippers?Again, this isn’t a living room, but whether it’s the hearthlike warmth and smell of crisping crust, or the low-ceilinged coziness, Kitchen Sink manages to feel welcoming.(Nobody was wearing pajamas, but there were people working on laptops.) Another niche caterer-cum-café is over on Northeast 42nd, where Rawdacious Desserts (of actually delicious vegan cheesecake fame) has opened Tiny Moreso, a quietly kickass vegan feminist café, complete with a menu full of smoothies and juice blends with names like Gloria, Eleanor, RGB, and Bell.Like any good citizen consumer, I recently decided to try a few of them.

It’s very strange, bouncing from café to café—as dumb as it always sounded in my long-ago stint as a Starbucks employee, the café is truly unlike a bar or restaurant in just how much more comfortable you become there.

(It appears that for now I’ll have to brew my own coffee at work.

Condolences may be sent to the Mercury office.) But it did feel a bit like speed dating.

You can’t go wrong with a simple breakfast sandwich on a biscuit or an English muffin, but don’t miss the treats you won’t find elsewhere on this street, like a Yucatán-style hojaldra—ham, cheese, and jalapeño sandwiched between sugary, flaky pastries.

Another fairly new purveyor of immediate aromatic bliss is Kitchen Sink Food and Drink, the storefront café for Kitchen Sink Foods catering.

The East Burnside café specializes in hand pies and breakfast sandwiches of the two-handed eating variety (though smaller treats, like a recent Pop Tart-ish rhubarb and goat cheese pastry, are available).