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For some reason, the of ordering a SIM and paying to top it up didn’t seem to be worth it even though it seemed to be a good money-saving proposition.

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Then you need to activate the card then topping it up with a minimum of £10. You can get this from any newsagent, supermarket or Post Office (very rarely the cashier will find it hard to find Giffgaff on the screen but ask them to persevere – it’s definitely there but you can also use O top-up vouchers).

With the free bonus credit you get, you’ll end up with £15 usable airtime credit after activation. Even easier you can top-up directly online with a credit or debit card.

This is a unique aspect of Giffgaff – its users also help out in operating the company in areas such as customer service, sales and marketing.

They are rewarded with offers and cashback for this work.

Voicemail is also very cheap at just 8p per call no matter how long you take!

Even better, they have a rock bottom MMS price of just 16p each and – amazingly – all freephone 0800 numbers are completely free to call.If you thinking about it, why not just order a SIM card now just in case?There’s no obligation, it’s completely free and if you use this link you get £5 free credit to get you started off.We scheduled our number port-in for Tuesday so there was plenty of time to sort things out before the weekend in case there were any issues moving it over. Even though their prices went up recently, Giffgaff are still one of the cheapest networks in the UK.After waiting patiently, the old number was up and running by pm on the day Giffgaff promised. It also has the a day for just 20p – perfect for the occasional web search, train timetable or check on Google Maps.Those of you who are used to contracts probably understand the worry of getting stranded after forgetting to top up as well as the pain of constantly buying vouchers from newsagents.